Best Script Fonts For Cricut (2023)

Whether you are selecting fonts for a business or just a Cricut craft, picking the right one is a crucial step toward a successful project. Wondering why it’s important even for Cricut projects? Well, it’s because if you pick the wrong font for your craft, it won’t turn out the way you expect it to, which can lead to a loss of time, effort, and creativity. This is even more important if you sell your crafts because if the projects aren’t good enough, there’s no way customers will buy them.

That’s why, in this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best cursive fonts for Cricut! Script fonts are one of the most appealing typefaces, and even in the crafting industry, they have gained popularity, so why not try them out? If you are currently looking for new fonts to adapt to a new style, then make sure to check out each script font listed here. 

From a simple pillow cover to a professional-looking picture frame, these typefaces are a perfect choice for a variety of your Cricut crafts. That’s why make sure you stick with us till the end so that you get to know about the best calligraphy fonts for Cricut!

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10 Best Cursive & Calligraphy Fonts for Cricut

There may be many cursive fonts on the internet, but they aren’t as good as the ones mentioned above, so make sure to check out each

1. Milkshake Script 

As the first calligraphy font for Cricut, we have Milkshake Script by Mila Garret, which is loaded with ligatures for that decent handwriting look. Milkshake is completely based on handwriting designs, and sometimes may even look like signatures. That’s why using it in stylish projects like wedding crafts can be a great idea. You can design some beautiful-looking wedding cards, invitations, and wedding signs with this typeface. But if there’s no upcoming wedding, feel free to use it for some wall art or wooden crafts; it should work perfectly there as well!

2. Brittany Signature

Brittany Signature is a lot like Milkshake Script, but it focuses more on the signature style design, which makes it unique! It’s designed by Creatype Studio and can be an amazing pick for feminine and elegant crafts. Just like Milkshake Script, you can use it for wedding decoration crafts as well as fashion bags and feminine t-shirts. Lastly, it has a vintage vibe too, so if you are a fan of retro designs and lifestyles, then this font is probably for you! Just make sure you purchase the license first.

3. Muthiara

Looking for something legible? If so, then check out Muthiara, which is a display calligraphy font designed by Abo Daniel Studio. Normally, script fonts are thin, but that’s not the case with Muthiara. With its large letter style, this font is ready to display your work as properly as it can. That’s why crafts like t-shirts, pillow covers, bag prints, and wall art are some good ones you can create with them. Therefore, if you are a fan of bold or display fonts, then give this free font a try to design some iconic crafts.

4. Hello Honey

Hello Honey is another lovely font that was designed especially for couples! It’s designed by Ef Studio and provides its user with a sweet, charming design that can help you create many amazing crafts. Valentine’s Day coming soon? Hello Honey is ready to help you out! It’s your marriage anniversary? Hello Honey, we’ve got your back! This easily explains that no matter what love situation you are stuck in, this font can always help you out. Also, it’s free to use, so don’t ignore it; grab it right away.

5. Handmade

Need more fonts like Hello Honey? If so, then check out Handmade by Salma Studios. Handmade is as lovely as Hello Honey and also comes with a heart design, which makes it a perfect font to be used for love crafts as well. Whether you’re working on wedding decorations or it’s your partner’s birthday, this font is good for every craft related to love. Also, it’s great for both text and display purposes, so feel free to use it wherever you want!

6. Fresh Lemonade

Here comes a sweet and fun typeface, Fresh Lemonade! It’s designed by KA Designs and provides users with a simple yet adorable design that’s ready to steal everyone’s heart. From shapes to design, this font has everything a font needs to be a part of a good Cricut craft. It’s good for display purposes, so try to design some sweet-looking coffee mugs and bedsheets for successful projects.

7. Hello

Of course, not all of us are love birds, and that’s why here’s Hello! It’s designed by Graphix Line Studio and looks almost similar to Hello Honey; you can easily see the handwritten style and the flowing design. However, it doesn’t have the heart design and focuses on a simpler look, making it a good option for minimal projects. It can be a good choice for DIY flip-flops, shadow boxes, or door signs. That’s why you should make sure to get it soon, as it’s completely free.

8. Windy Davis

Windy Davis by Staircase Studio is based on the cursive writing of ink pens, making it an excellent choice for people who prefer traditional cursive writing. Since its design is based on ink handwriting, there’s nothing too complicated about it; you and every other person can easily understand it without any kind of problem. And fonts like this can be used on almost any type of craft because of their versatility. But still, if you need some ideas, try using them on crafts like cups and doormats. Also, it’s free, so do not hesitate to get it right now!

9. Biscuits

Biscuits is just like its name: a sweet and soft script typeface! It’s designed by FreshTypeINK and can be used for a huge variety of crafts thanks to its versatile style and design. You can use it for school crafts, home décor crafts, and even love crafts because this font is good enough to fit in just about everywhere. So, if you are someone who quickly gets bored of new typefaces, then you must try it out, as it’s something that can change your mind!

10. Summer Clarisa

Do you like signature fonts? Do you want to design some beautiful crafts with them? If so, then it’s time you give Summer Clarisa a try! It’s designed by Integritype Studio and based completely on a signature. It’s easy to notice the first letter being big and the rest of the letters being pretty small, which is common in most signatures. If you want to use this font, then it’s better to use it for feminine and elegant projects. Or maybe you should use it for the crafts that you sell or create for other businesses.


Whether you craft for fun or for money, having some calligraphy fonts for the Cricut is a must if you want to craft better! So, make sure you try out all the best Cricut handwriting fonts we have mentioned in this article. Their iconic designs and beautiful style will help you craft quality projects that will surely make your crafts popular.

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