Best Rustic Fonts For Cricut (2023)

Want to create crafts that can add nostalgia, country life, and farmhouse vibes to your life? If so, then you must check out Rustic Fonts soon!

Rustic fonts are vintage-looking fonts that evoke a sense of traditional, handcrafted, and rural aesthetics. They often feature imperfect letterforms, rough edges, and uneven lines to mimic country and farmhouse life’s rusty and cozy ambiance. This is the main reason they are the most perfect font for farmhouses or any type of nostalgic design. Normally, these fonts are used for signage, hand-painted signs, or old-fashioned letterpress printing.

However, after the rise of Cricut, they became a popular choice for farmhouse and vintage crafts, and that’s why whenever someone wants to craft a nostalgic project, they always go for rustic fonts without hesitation.

But finding them can be quite daunting as there aren’t many good rustic Cricut fonts, and that’s where this article comes in. Since we have mentioned some of the best farmhouse fonts for Cricut that can help you create iconic vintage crafts, make sure to read till the end!

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10 Rustic Cricut Fonts For Farmhouse Designs

Rustic fonts come in different varieties, and below we have mentioned a rustic font for each time, so check out each to find the best one for your farmhouse project!


For starters, we have Farmhand by Adam Ladd, and it sounds like this font was made especially for farmhouse designs. Furthermore, this font is a textured, hand-drawn, condensed font family featuring serif, sans, and italic typefaces at the same time, making it a good option for many types of projects. However, since we are talking about Cricut farmhouse and vintage crafts here, it will be a great idea to use Farmhand as wooden signs or farm-themed doormats because its vintage and rusty look can fit well in such projects. Lastly, it’s a paid font, so make sure to purchase it!

Magnolia Sky

Magnolia Sky by StereoType is a carefree, stylish, and flowing font with an extremely attractive design. Such writing styles are often used around farmhouses for signs or prints, which is why this font is on our list. If you like a bit of feminine design along with a country vibe, then this font is probably for you! Magnolia Sky is great for many projects, like phone cases that remind you of farm life or farmhouse-style candles! This font is free, so do not worry about its license.


Countryside is one of the most important rustic Cricut fonts if you are looking forward to designing something related to farmhouses or vintage design. Its design is something that will keep reminding you of the old days once you craft a project with it. Countryside is designed by Billy Argel Fonts and has beautiful flows and curves, making it an amazing pick for all your sweet rustic designs, so get it soon as it’s completely free!

Farm Market

Do you miss farm markets? Do you want to experience their vibe and feelings again? If so, then check out Farm Market, a retro marker font designed by KA Designs. It’s normally used for logos, headlines, and advertisements, thanks to its amazing looks and great readability. But when it comes to rustic or farmhouse crafts, this font can be a good pick for some farm-themed mugs, cups, vases, and Mason jars. Also, Farm Market is a paid font, so make sure to check its license first.


Remember Magnolia Sky? If you liked it, then here’s Magnolia! Both fonts look almost similar; however, Magnolia is smoother and lacks curves, which makes it a good choice for people who want simpler and less complicated designs for their projects. Magnolia is designed by Essentials Studio and can fill every place Magnolia would, but again, use it if only you want minimal designs! A nice thing about Magnolia is that it leaves a small heart design at the end that looks so adorable.

Cottage & Farmhouse 

Need more minimal fonts that fit well with the simpler life of farmhouses? If yes, then here’s Cottage & Farmhouse by Denise Chandler. It’s a rustic doodle font that focuses on simplicity and wants to provide you with a peaceful design. From mugs, blankets, and pillow covers, almost every single farmhouse craft will look perfect with Cottage & Farmhouse because it’s almost impossible to get bored with simple designs. However, before using it, make sure to purchase its license first.


Need something good to display? Try out Acres! It’s a condensed, bold country font made primarily for display purposes. Many designers use it for logo design, but for Cricut crafts, it can be a great pick for projects like country-style wall art or some farmhouse coffee mugs. However, it still doesn’t matter where you use it because its properties allow it to be good just about everywhere. So, purchase it quickly and give it a casual look to your farmhouse.

Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest is an attractive hand-drawn brush font designed by KA Designs. Its design will remind you of every fall you have spent on a farmhouse, and if you want to re-experience those moments, then consider crafting something memorable with Fall Harvest. This font design is messy yet charming, which is why projects like farm-themed picture frames would look amazing with it. This is another paid font, but a great thing about purchasing it is that you get some fall-inspired doodles too, which can make your projects look even more lively and add more personality to them.


Did you like Acres? Do you need more fonts like it? If so, then check out FARMSHED by Essentials Studio. FARMSHED is yet another Farmhouse Font for Cricut that was designed especially for display purposes, but fortunately, it can fit well even on those projects where you need small texts thanks to its versatile design. FARMSHED can be a great choice for your quotes, framed prints, kitchen towels, and many more, so make sure to get its license soon.

Rustic Farmhouse

In this list, we covered a variety of rustic fonts, and here’s a combination of all of them known as Rustic Farmhouse. It’s designed by Mozarella, and the best part about it is that it has everything a rustic font needs to be good. From nostalgic design, good readability, attractive looks, and a decent farmhouse vibe, Rustic Farmhouse has everything you would expect from an ideal rustic typeface. In most cases, this font can be a good display font, so try it with projects like wall art and garden markers. Rustic Farmhouse is a free font, so do not hesitate to try it out right away.


Rustic Cricut fonts are some of the best types of fonts you can use for farmhouse projects because they fit very well with this idea. They will give you a good touch of nostalgia along with countryside looks for your projects, which can help you craft some decent farmhouse-themed crafts in no time! So, make sure you experiment with different options and find the one that works best for you!

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