Cricut Shadow Box Ideas & Projects

There’s nothing that can showcase your home décor better than beautiful shadow boxes. They don’t only keep your precious items safe but also increase the aesthetic of your house with their charming designs! which is why nowadays it’s a must to have one or two of them at home!

However, the shadow boxes we purchase from the internet and market are a bit boring and unattractive, which cannot make your house look beautiful. But the good news is that you can make them look appealing by adding a personal touch to your Cricut machine! Yes, you read that right—it’s possible to give a dazzling look to your old shadow boxes since all you need is creativity for it!

Sadly, not every person can be creative like others, and we know that which is the reason in this article we are going to share some amazing Cricut shadow box ideas with you! We have listed all the ideas below; try designing them with different materials like wood, plastic, or paper for even more creativity!

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10 Shadow Box Cricut Projects & Ideas

Here’s the list of shadow box ideas you were waiting for! Make sure you try out all the project ideas; each of them is a perfect fit for your crafts.

1. You Are My Greatest Adventure Up Shadow Box

As the first idea on this list, we have the “You Are My Greatest Adventure Up” shadow box idea, which is inspired by the popular animated movie Up! If you love the movie, want to make your partner feel special, or are just looking for a unique and creative idea, then it’s probably for you! 

The beautiful floating house can easily add a charming vibe to your shadow box, making it even cuter than before!

2. Whale in the Space

Many people love whales! Do you love them too? If yes, then check out this whale in the space idea. It’s so adorable and dreamy that it can easily make anyone feel relaxed and sleepy, which makes it a perfect choice for your shadow box design! 

If your friends see such crafts at your home, they will be impressed for sure, and the best thing about this idea is that even kids will love it, which makes it just the perfect shadow box project idea.

3. Koi Pond Cricut Shadow Box

Here comes the Koi Pond shadow box idea, probably the most relaxing and peaceful shadow box project ever. The Koi fish design in this idea can make anyone feel happy and relaxed, and if you want to feel the same, you should try it out soon! 

Everyone can’t keep Koi fish at their home for peaceful scenery, but we can keep this shadow box design and enjoy it a lot with it!

4. Christmas Shadow Box

Christmas is the happiest time of the year when we enjoy it with our whole family, and for such a time there can be no better gift than a Christmas Shadow Box! This Christmas shadow box idea is truly beautiful and gives off warm vibes. You can gift it to your friends, family, and relatives and make them feel loved with its warmth too! Designing it won’t be too hard since it’s easy and beautiful.

5. Cricut Mother’s Day Shadow Box 

A mother deserves to be appreciated on Mother’s Day, and you can easily do this by creating a motherly shadow box for her! Look at this cute Mother’s Day Shadow Box filled with love and beautiful paper flowers that can easily make your mother happy on her special day. To make it more attractive, just paste a lovely font that represents her name or just the word “Mom.”

This little present can make your and your mother’s day better and happier, so get ready to design it since it’s not really hard!

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6. Memorial Flower Cricut Shadow Box

Often, it’s hard to decide what to give on Memorial Day, so why not a Memorial Day shadow box? They are beautiful, make amazing gifts, and will help the lost person’s family feel comfortable. If you want an idea for such a gift, then the Memorial Flower Shadow Box can be a good choice; it shows how just some beautiful paper flowers can gather and create a decent shadow box for gifts.

Make sure to add a good quote and the late person’s picture to make this gift even more memorable.

7. DIY Christmas Shadow Box Cricut

Christmas shadow box ideas never get old, which is why here’s another one: the DIY Christmas Shadow box idea! It doesn’t matter whether you want this design for yourself or as a gift; it’s just perfect for every situation. Its cute design makes it super lovely and charming; even if you want to give it away as a gift, your friends are surely going to love it. 

Keeping it in your room for your home décor will only increase your house’s aesthetics, which makes this DIY Christmas shadow box a perfect choice for Christmas decorations.

8. Bee And Flower Shadow Box

Bees and flowers are really beautiful, and if you love them then you should try this Bees And Flower Shadow Box! Its design is just charming and is best for those who love summer or want to enjoy summer to the fullest. 

This type of shadow box looks even more beautiful if it’s made with materials like wood so that it can give off a natural vibe. You should use a beautiful and meaningful quote to complete the box, and then it will be done!

9. Halloween Shadow Box

This list has almost come to an end, but we didn’t mention a Halloween-themed box, which is why here’s the Halloween Shadow Box idea! Halloween shadow boxes can easily make your house look spooky and help you enjoy Halloween.

Just add some scary designs and a ghostly quote, and you are ready to go. There are many Halloween SVGs and fonts that can be cut and printed with the Cricut, so make sure to try them out and create the scariest Halloween Shadowbox!

10. Wedding Gift Shadow Box 

Wedding gift shadow boxes are one of the best gifts for any couple as it helps them remember their happy day, which is why you should craft one soon. 

Cricut will help you design a cute couple of designs, and you can craft paper flowers that will make your shadow box even more beautiful, so don’t forget to add them!

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What Are Some Good Cricut Materials To Use For Shadow Boxes?

Here are some materials you should use for your Shadow box crafts:

  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Leather
  • Velvet


Shadow boxes easily make our house appealing, and it’s time to make them even more beautiful with the ideas mentioned above! 

Make sure you try all of them since they are really beautiful and will definitely look good in your home. Lastly, remember to have lots of fun while crafting these shadow boxes, and keep trying new ideas!

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