Best Cricut Fonts For Labels (2023)

Labels play a crucial role in organizing our belongings, gifts, or handmade creations, so how about thanking them by adding a personal touch to them? The labels made with paper and markers may be cheap and quick, but they aren’t permanent, and the worst part is that they don’t look beautiful at all. So how about crafting some stunning labels with the Cricut? They will not only stick with you for a long time but will also increase the beauty of your stuff and help you organize things as well, which can make your life much easier!

So, if you want to craft some decent customized labels for your stuff, then we need to pick the best Cricut label fonts! Fortunately, this article is all about the best font for pantry labels, so you are in luck! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced label maker or are doing this for the first time; the typefaces we have mentioned here fit perfectly with each label project. That’s why you should consider sticking with us till the end, so that you don’t have to look for label fonts ever again!

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10 Best Font For Pantry Labels

A good label font must be readable, cute, and nice to look at. Thankfully, every font mentioned below has these properties, so do not miss this chance and check out each of them.

1. Avenir Next Condensed

Avenir Next Condensed, designed by Akira Kobayashi and Adrian Frutiger, is an upgraded version of Avenir Next Pro; it’s more attractive and has more life than the previous version! However, it still doesn’t have any stylish designs, which makes it an ideal choice for minimal-looking labels. If you are someone who thinks simple things are better, then this font is the perfect fit for your Cricut labels. So, without further ado, get this font right away, as it’s completely free.

2. Heathergreen 

Are you not a fan of simple designs and need something that focuses more on display? If so, then try out Heathergreen by Sharkshock; it’s a bold font designed especially for display purposes like logos and advertisements. However, since we are talking about labels here, it’s a good choice to use this font if you are looking forward to selling labels, as Heathergreen has the potential to attract lots of attention. Therefore, if you design your crafts with them and try to sell them anywhere, you can have lots of sales. That’s why having this free font is a must.

3. Great Vibes

Great Vibes, as its name suggests, is a font that sends you great vibes whenever you use it. It’s designed by TypeSETit and provides you with a really sweet design that can be used for a variety of kitchen jar labels. But since this font is so adorable, it’s not a good idea to limit it just to labels, so try designing some letters, invitations, and greeting cards with it for the best results. Lastly, you can make your labels even better if you use colorful labels with this typeface!

4. Sacramento

Handwritten fonts are an ideal choice for any kind of label project, which is why let’s take a look at one amazing handwritten font, Sacramento. It’s designed by Astigmatic and provides you with a really sweet font design that’s perfect for your labels. Normally, Sacramento is good for both texts and headings, so it’s safe to say you will be able to craft some of the most adorable labels with it. Sacramento may not be stylish, but it still has a decent design that can be used for labels, so get this free font soon.

5. American Typewriter Regular

Have you worked on a typewriter in the past? If you miss that time, then you should really try out the American Typewriter Regular. As its name suggests, it’s a typewriter font with a bit of a modern touch to fit into this new world. If you want to experience the fun of your old days, then start crafting labels with American Typewriter Regular and place them wherever you want. You will surely enjoy this font, to the point where you might start making it a part of your other projects as well.

6. Raleway

Raleway, by The League of Moveable Type, is a huge family of decent fonts for labels. From the regular version to the heavy version, each font is a good pick for all your label designs. A great thing about using this family is that you can always choose if you need a thin font or a bold one, which can make label design even easier for you. Therefore, if you don’t like looking for fonts again and again, picking a family like Raleway can be a good option.

7. Headstay 

Headstay is a single-line font designed by Niskala Huruf. The reason this font is on this list is because it has an amazing design! Its style and looks are based on cursive writing, which looks really sweet with this typeface. If you are a fan of cursive fonts, then you should get it right away. But that’s not all; its charming design also allows it to be a great pick for romantic designs too, so if you are going on a date and need a good label for your gift, then Headstay can easily help you out! Headstay is also one of the best free fonts for pantry labels, so do not miss it.

8. Lucky Sunshine

Do you think Headstay wasn’t romantic enough? If that’s the case, then we are introducing you to Lucky Sunshine by typehandstudio. It’s a fun, curvy, and charming font with a bit of a romantic touch to make your gift labels even more attractive. But if you aren’t going on a date, then enjoy designing some labels with it for jars or shelves because this font is great for every single type of label you will ever want to design.

9. Moon Flower

We had so few minimal fonts in this list, so let’s add some. Starting with Moon Flower, a slim and silent handwritten font made especially for minimal people. It’s designed by Denise Bentulan and provides you with long and straight letters crafted with hands. This adds originality to the font and makes it a perfect choice for simple label projects. Not everyone loves stylish designs, and this is for those people. Moon Flower is a free font, so don’t miss this chance and get it soon.

10. Penelope Anne

Last but not least, Penelope Anne is one last minimal font you need in your collection if you are looking forward to designing some good labels. ByTheButterfly develops it and has one of the most simple designs for a font, yet it still works because being simple isn’t bad at all. Its letter design is quite thin, so it’s better to use dark colors for the font and light colors for the label for a beautiful result!


Cricut labels aren’t complicated to craft, which is why a variety of fonts can work well with them, and we have mentioned the best ones. If you are looking forward to designing some labels for your jars or shelves, then feel free to pick the one that works best for you!

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