Best Cricut Fonts For Numbers

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Just like letters, numbers also play an important role in our crafts. Whether you are designing a DIY number plate for your home or want to craft sports shirts for your team, you will surely need some good number fonts to help you out!

Indeed, every font available on the internet comes with numbers, but the worst part about them is that they are focused on letters, not numbers. When you use these fonts, you will notice the numbers are poorly designed and have really bad readability, which will obviously ruin your beautiful crafts.

Such situations can make you go on a long search for number fonts. However, you don’t have to do this anymore because we have already handpicked some of the best Cricut fonts for numbers. The most fascinating fact about these typefaces is that they are completely focused on numbers, which provides you with highly readable and beautifully designed number fonts for Cricut projects.

Whether you want to put some cute numbers on your favorite jar or make a birthday card for your friend’s 30th birthday, these fonts will help you create some promising crafts, so feel free to check them out.

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10 Number Fonts For Cricut

Here’s a list of a decent number fonts for Cricut projects. They are fun to use, and some of them are free to use, so do not forget to check them out!

1. Jersey M54

Jersey M54 by justme54s is a display number font inspired by the t-shirts of athletes and sports teams. The numbers provided by Jersey M54 are extremely bold and readable, which makes them a perfect choice for your team’s shirts.

Their boldness and masculine look will help others understand that your team is confident and isn’t going to lose at all. While the large numbers will keep everyone’s attention on your team, which will help them stand out, What’s more, Jersey M54 is a free font, which means you can get it right now and start crafting.

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2. Unbreakable Numeral Set

As its name suggests, Unbreakable Numeral Set is a font made of some beautifully designed numbers that are going to help you design some amazing jersey numbers. It’s designed by Port Design Company and is also inspired by the shirts of sports teams.

Because it’s a number font, you can expect good readability from it along with eye-catching looks. Therefore, it will be an amazing idea to use this typeface font on Cricut projects like number plates.

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3. Jackport College NCV

Here’s Jackport College NCV, a retro number font for Cricut projects that will remind you of your college days! Yes, you read that right; it’s inspired by old-school and college posters, which makes it a perfect choice for crafts that lack vintage vibes.

Moreover, Jackport has three different styles, which are Jackport regular, Jackport Greek NCV, and Jackport Regular NCV. Try each of them to craft astonishing projects!

4. College

If you liked Jackport, then consider checking out the College font too! It’s also a friendly number font family with really cute display fonts. Every typeface available in this collection is really athletic and can help you design some cool jerseys for your sports team. However, if you don’t have any sports teams, feel free to use the College font for any fun project that makes your house look more adorable.

5. Ranked Sports

Readability matters a lot for numbers too, because if you can’t see the jersey number properly, then you can’t recognize your favorite player. And in such cases, the Ranked Sports font greatly comes in handy. It’s a display Cricut font for jersey numbers because it has a large letter design along with promising legibility.

It doesn’t matter how far away players are; if they are wearing shirts designed by Ranked Sports, it will be really easy to recognize them! Lastly, one more important thing to know about ranked sports is that it’s a free font.

6. BoldPrice

Looking for something stylish? Then it’s the right time to introduce you to BoldPrice! Designed by Vatesdesign, BoldPrice is an elegant number and currency font for projects that require beautiful characters. From commission crafts to birthday cards to number plates, this font just adds a decently professional look to crafts that easily allows them to stand out.

Furthermore, BoldPrice is inspired by old newspaper numbers, so you can say it’s an impressive vintage number typeface as well!

7. Big Noodle Titling

Even simple crafts stand out if they are designed with the right number font, and that’s why here’s Big Noodle Titling! It’s a minimal Cricut font for jersey numbers, which proves that being simple is also amazing.

This typeface is mainly focused on numbers, although it has letters, so you don’t have to worry about their design. When you use this font, you get friendly and bold numbers for your crafting! So what are you waiting for? Get ready and start designing with Big Noodle Titling.

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8. Azonix

We looked at many retro number fonts, so now let’s move on to modern and futuristic number typefaces like Azonix! It’s a techno-style number font based on futuristic characters and numbers. Any new craft project that needs fresh numbers looks amazing with Azonix.

You can even craft a new house plate with it and tell others that you are way ahead of them in time. The best thing about Azonix is that it’s free to use, so try it right away and experience the power of futuristic numbers.


We all miss hippie fashion style, and if you want to experience it again, then TAN-NIMBUS can easily help you out. It’s a display font focused on both letters and numbers, making it the perfect typeface for every kind of crafting project. TAN-NIMBUS can be a great typeface for home décor crafts because of its decorative and stylish looks.

You will be able to craft many quirky and fun projects with it that will increase the beauty of your house with ease.

10. Kindness Matters

As the last typeface on this list, we have Kindness Matters! Despite its simple look, it’s one of the Cricut fonts for sports numbers! The characters provided by this font are actually really eye-pleasing, which will look really good on your team’s jerseys. 

So it’s better you design some t-shirts with it right now, and after you are done, you can design some personal projects like invitation cards too, since getting bored with this typeface is really hard. Therefore, make sure you give it a try and design some memorable crafts.


The Cricut number fonts are just amazing, they are not only beautiful but readable as well, which can help you craft some appealing sports number jerseys! In the above list, we have mentioned some of the best Cricut fonts for sports numbers, number plates, home décor, and birthday crafts! Lastly, feel free to try out some number fonts by yourself and choose the one that suits your Cricut project best!

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