Best 80s Retro Fonts for Cricut

A project can be crafted perfectly if only you have some decent fonts on Cricut! Whether it’s a small craft or a large one, if you want it to look beautiful and astonishing, then you need to make sure you use some decent fonts for it. However, most of the time, this is not possible since, although Cricut has a library of fonts, not all of them are good enough, and the worst thing about it is that they don’t have many retro fonts!

Retro or vintage font can add a nostalgic look to your craft and make it look classic. People really love classic things because it reminds them of their earlier times, which is why, in today’s era, it’s important to have retro fonts on your Cricut. In such a situation, looking for vintage typefaces online could seem like a fantastic idea, but doing so would take hours and not be worth your time or effort.

But do not get sad about it, since the good news is that we have already compiled a list of some beautiful Cricut vintage fonts for you! From 70s designs to 80s look, we have made our fonts have every vintage theme in them so that they can make your crafts look classic! That’s why you should keep reading until the end to know more about them.

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11 Retro Cricut Fonts You Must Try 

Finally, here is the list of vintage Cricut fonts. All of them are perfect, so make sure you try out each of them!

1. Creative Vintage Font

Presenting the Creative Vintage font, which is a unique typeface because it has both display and script properties at the same time! It has some great boldness too, which gives it decent readability, and that’s the reason why this font is so versatile. Its design is inspired by 80s logos, which makes it a good option for projects that require large texts.

For example, using this font for door signs, serving trays, or mugs can be a great idea since those projects need large text.


2. Chunky Retro Font

Chucky Retro Font is inspired by the playful style of the 1990s; it has a bubbly style too, which looks really cute and adds a good classic tone to your projects. If you badly want to add a retro touch to your crafts, then it’s time you start using Chunky Retro and make your designs look more nostalgic.

If you are wondering which crafts are best for this font, then it’s probably the display ones and the crafts where the design is the most important. So try some greeting cards, home décor, or books with Chunky Retro.


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3. Wintter

The next font on the list is Wintter, designed by Creatype Studio. It’s another retro display font you should be using for your Cricut projects because of its playful look. It’s bold enough to easily stand out, so if you own a craft store, projects designed with Wintter can easily grab your customers’ attention.

Wintter is a great choice for T-shirts, and a great thing about it is that it’s free to use, but only for personal use!


4. Retro Groovy Font

Introducing the retro-groovy font, especially for those who miss the groovy fashion of the 1990s. We all know how much the fashion world changed in the 1990s, and that’s why here’s a font inspired by that era. It’s so funky and playful, which makes it a really good fun design.

You can design your party decorations, t-shirts, or bracelets with it. They will surely look amazing! So make sure to use it since it’s something you must not underestimate.


5. Guyon Gazebo

Guyon Gazebo is one of the most unique typefaces ever, and with its amazing design, it can easily make your crafts look extra attractive. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a greeting card or a piece of wall art; as long as you have this font in your collection, you will easily become the center of attention.

Guyon Gazebo is also a free font, but available only for personal use.


6. Rose Avenue Font

Need some sweetness in your crafts? No problem, here’s Rose Avenue, an extra-bold serif font with cute rounded edges that will easily melt anyone’s heart. If you love working on feminine projects like flower pots or jewelry boxes, then it’s time for you to try out Rose Avenue.

It’s sweet, like a Rose, and can add a vintage touch to your crafts with ease. It’s amazing for feminine vibes too, so try to use it soon.


7. Retro Cool Font

As its name suggests, Retro Cool is an amazing vintage font with a similar look to Retro Groovy. They look a lot alike; however, the lower parts of the letters in Retro Cool are a bit thin. If you didn’t like retro groovy, then it’s guaranteed you will love retro cool. 

You can even use them as each other’s alternatives since both add a great touch to your crafts.

It’s great for party decorations, bookmarks, and keychains, but use it however you want.


8. Abstract Groovy

Are you in love with colorful, bubbly fonts? If yes, then Abstract Groovy is something you must try at all costs! It’s a super cute typeface with an amazing groovy style that helps it stand out from the crowd. 

This font is made especially for those who want to become the center of attention, so if your crafts aren’t selling well recently, then it’s time to design them with Abstract Groovy! Lastly, Abstract Groovy is fully free, so use it whenever you want.


9. Happy Monday

Who doesn’t love positive, retro fonts? They are so sweet and attractive that it’s hard to ignore them, which is why many crafters often use them. The best thing about them is that they are super versatile; it doesn’t matter whether you are designing projects for kids or adults, they work just about everywhere! So adding them to your crafts wouldn’t be a bad idea.


10. Bratsy Script

Want some style and funky flair in your crafts? No problem, here’s the Bratsy Script! As its name suggests, it’s a script font and has a really stylish design. If you want your designs to be attractive, then Bratsy Script is the perfect choice for you. 

Although it’s super stylish, it still has great readability, which allows your customers to understand your projects.

If you want to use it, then design some beautiful t-shirts with it for the best results.


11. Nellie

Last but not least, we have Nellie, a typeface that is completely based on the vibes of the 1990s. It has everything you want in a retro font, from groovy styles to a vintage look to classic vibes. Someone who is using vintage fonts for the first time should really try Nellie, as it’s an all-in-one font that easily makes your crafts more memorial than before.


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Wrapping Up

Retro fonts are evergreen; no matter what time of the year, they never lose their shine and easily stand out. which is why you should use them for your Cricut projects. Try some fonts like Winter, Rose Avenue, and Nellie to add classic and vintage vibes to crafts.

Your friends, family, and customers will surely be impressed, which is why using retro fonts is a must!

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