Best Cursive Fonts on Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space allows you to take your creativity to another level, which always results in some promising craft projects. Whether you want to add a cute message to your favorite T-shirt or create beautiful gifts for the upcoming Christmas, you can always create something everyone loves. 

Which already shows how beneficial and useful Cricut Design Space is. Even when you are looking for some good fonts to design a project with, you will get to see 700+ beautiful typefaces that can fit in every project you are looking forward to crafting.

However, with so many choices available, it’s hard to find the fonts you are looking for. You may either get tired of looking for your favorite fonts or may not like any fonts at all, which turns to craft into a tiring task. 

But do not worry about this problem anymore since we have compiled a list of cursive fonts in Cricut Design Space. Cursive fonts are the best picks when it comes to crafting, as they are not only beautiful but versatile and readable as well, which allows them to help you create some fascinating Cricut crafts!

So, if you want to know more about these script fonts in the Cricut design space, make sure you continue reading this article because every font mentioned below is all you will need for your upcoming crafting projects.

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10 Cursive Script Fonts on Cricut Design Space

Below, we have mentioned the best cursive fonts from all the 700+ fonts in Cricut Design Space, so take time to check out each typeface!

1. Merlot

Cursive Fonts on Cricut

Merlot is a cute and classy cursive font that can make your Valentine’s Day better. Its design is quite stylish and romantic, which makes it a perfect choice for any design related to love. The signature look provided by this font is also something everyone should talk about, as it allows you to grab people’s attention without any kind of difficulty. 

That’s why you should consider Merlot as the best option for Valentine’s Day gifts like t-shirts, and chocolates, or wedding crafts like wedding invitations. Lastly, one more amazing fact about this font is that it’s free to use!

2. Alexis Mattox

Alexis Mattox looks like the cursive writing you learned in school, and if you missed that time, it’s time you used this typeface. It will not only give you amazing nostalgia but also help you craft some memorable projects because, although it has a simple design, it still looks charming. Alexis Mattox can be used as a display font, so don’t hesitate to craft your wall art or wooden signs with it. Just make sure to purchase its license, as it’s a free font.

3. Alyssa Stencil Script

Introducing the Alyssa Stencil Script, a feminine calligraphy font for some personal crafts. This typeface has strong girly vibes along with beautiful curves, which makes it an ideal choice for your next crafting project. Alyssa Stencil Script is a good choice for coffee mugs, pillow covers, love letters, and shadow boxes. It can even be used in kid’s designs and professional designs if their theme is something feminine. This font is free too, so get it right away!

4. BFC Coffee Shop

BFC Coffee Shop is a casual script font ready to make your coffee-related projects tastier than before. It’s based on normal cursive writing, which looks extremely adorable no matter where you use it. You can either make some coffee stickers with it or craft your coffee shop’s logo. 

There are many coffee-related crafts you can make, and if you don’t like coffee, then use it for any other work as this font works well just about everywhere. However, since this font is extremely adorable, you will have to purchase its license to use it.

5. DTC Lemonade Script

DTC Lemonade Script is a cursive vintage font inspired by the packing style of the 1990s. It was so beautiful and everyone loved it, and if you want to bring it back, then make sure to use DTC Lemonade Script. 

It’s a friendly font with a quite simple yet attractive design, which has helped it get a place on this list. Lemonade script is an amazing pick for display purposes, which already tells why you should design some summer t-shirts, wooden signs, and doormats with it; just make sure to purchase it first.

6. Analog Script

One vintage font is never enough to spread the retro vibe, which is why here’s Analog Script, a cursive brush font inspired by 90s advertisements. This font can easily take you back to the past with its classical looks and become a part of some iconic crafting projects as well. 

If you miss the older times, then consider using Analog Script for most of your crafts, although it will look best on coffee mugs and t-shirts. Lastly, because it’s just another amazing cursive font, make sure you buy it if you want to use it.

7. The First Few Years

The First Few Years is a font just like its name: simple and clean because all of us are simply in our first few years. It doesn’t have too stylish looks nor a too boring style, making it a perfect pick for every beginner’s craft. You can use it for your trial crafts, kid’s projects, or even commission crafts if you like it. Its versatile design allows it to fit just about everywhere, so purchase it soon and start crafting!

8. Speedchaser 

Do you like speed? If yes, then consider buying Speedchaser next! It’s a fast cursive font, especially for those who want to be ahead of everyone else. Unlike the peaceful fonts on this list, Speedchaser is a cool display that isn’t ready to make you popular fast. You can use it to design some speedy stickers for your bike or amaze people by designing a furious t-shirt with it; the choice is yours!

9. Quirky script

Quirky designs never go out of style because they look amazing and are always fun to use. That’s why Quirky Script, a cursive font in the Cricut Design Space, is waiting for you to create some unique and fun crafts. 

Whether it’s a party decoration or just a normal birthday card, everything designed with this font looks so enjoyable and can make you feel happy instantly. which already gives you a lot of reasons to purchase its license.

10. Pen Pals

Pen Pals by Jonahfonts is just one cursive font but has many places where it can be easily read. It has romantic vibes, a film-like style, and cursive looks, which make this single font a perfect choice for multiple types of crafting projects. Invitation cards, letters, decals, keychains, and stickers are some of the best crafts you can create with Pen Pals and make your family happy.

How to access Cursive Fonts on Cricut Design Space

Accessing cursive fonts in the Cricut Design Space is an easy task; just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Cricut Design Space and type text.

Step 2: Click on the text and then click on the font drop-down menu.

Step 3: Here you will see many beautiful choices of font, so pick the cursive fonts you want to use.


Script fonts in the Cricut design space are never disappointing; from their designs to their readability, everything is just impressive, which makes it easy to craft projects. So make sure you use all the good picks, like Merlot and BTC Coffee Shop, mentioned above. They are desperately waiting to become a part of your projects, so purchase them soon!

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