Best Cricut Fonts For Wedding Signs

Did you know fonts play an important role in a wedding’s decoration? If not, then don’t worry since many people don’t know that either. We are so busy with other decorations that we often forget about fonts, which are one of the most important parts of a wedding. 

Why? Because of fonts, we design invitations and wedding signs. Without them, we can’t invite people or let them know about the wedding, which is why fonts are so important for weddings!

At such a moment, you will surely go to the internet and look for some good fonts for your wedding, right? Unfortunately, this idea isn’t going to work since the internet doesn’t know which fonts are best for a wedding decoration! And that’s the reason why, in this article, we are going to share some Cricut wedding fonts with you. so that you can design some beautiful wedding signs and invitations with your Cricut machine and make your marriage more memorable.

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Tips For Selecting Font For Wedding Signs

Here are some tips on choosing the best Cricut font for wedding signs since you can’t choose a random typeface for them!

  1. Consider The Style Of The Wedding

What’s the style or theme of your wedding? Is it traditional? Modern or classic? Your font must fit well with the style of your wedding or they will completely look different, which may not look good at all. 

For example, use script, handwritten, or cursive fonts for traditional weddings. modern fonts for modern weddings and vintage fonts for classic ones.

  1. Think About The Overall Aesthetic Of The Event

A wedding is all about peace, love, and romance, so try to use fonts that fit such an environment. Use aesthetic, soft, and beautiful fonts since they are best for weddings, and avoid bold and masculine fonts.

  1. Choose A Font That Is Easy To Read From A Distance

Whether it’s a wedding sign or a business logo, readability is always crucial. If your visitors can’t read the sign, they may not feel good about your wedding, so choose a simple, clear font. Using such fonts can help your guests read signs even from long distances.

10 Wedding Fonts On Cricut For Signs! 

Here are the 10 best wedding fonts for Cricut, which should be used for your signs. Try to use all of them, as they will surely make your marriage memorable!

1. Alex Brush

Alex Brush is a beautiful, flowing brush font designed by Robert Leuschke. This font has really feminine, stylish, and cursive letters, which are all perfect for a wedding sign. Another amazing thing about this font is its readability since although it’s really stylish, it still looks clear and simple to read. Your guests won’t only like its design but will also be able to read signs from long distances!

It’s great for wedding signs and chair signs, and surprisingly, it’s free as well, which makes Alex Brush a perfect choice for any wedding.

2. Hello Honey Font

Looking for a font with a romantic vibe or look? If yes, then here’s the Hello Honey font, which is a typeface designed especially for couples. Its letters are lovely, and something that makes it even more attractive is the heart design between words. Using such a font for your wedding sign will easily tell people your taste is good in typography and the wedding is decorated by an expert.

So make sure you decorate your wedding with it and don’t forget to create some beautiful invitation cards as well.

3. Janda Stylish Script

Introducing Janda Stylish Script, a cursive and curvy typeface that can easily add a classical vibe to weddings. This font has small curves in every letter, which makes it eye-catching and interesting. So, designing your wedding sign, invitation card, or decoration with it won’t only make guests happy but will make your wedding memorable as well.

Furthermore, Janda Stylish Script is just so sweet, and its romantic vibe keeps it out of the crowd. Lastly, it’s free to use as well, so everyone can benefit from it.

4. Lucy Said Ok

Do you want something similar to the Hello Honey font? If yes, we introduce you to the Lucy Said Ok font! It’s just a normal cursive font, but the unique thing about it is its letters. Certain letters have a heart shape to them, which makes them look lovely and a perfect fit for a wedding. 

Do not forget to design your wedding cake toppings and invitation cards with them, as it’s free to use!

5. Wild Love

Wild Love is an aesthetic script font that looks a lot like signatures. It’s most often used for logos and branding purposes for fashion and cosmetic brands. 

However, it’s still an amazing wedding font because of its attractive looks. If you don’t want to use it for main designs, then you can use it for quotes in greeting or invitation cards!

6. Hello Paris

So your party’s theme is modern? If this is the case, then Hello Paris has got your back since it’s a modern serif font by Sans & Sons! 

But that’s not the end; when it comes to readability, this typeface defeats every other font in the list because it’s not a cursive font and has a style that can be read by anyone easily. Those who prefer readability overlooks should really try Hello, Paris soon!

7. October Twilight

October Twilight is actually a Halloween font, but it’s so beautiful that even wedding planners have started using it. And if your wedding is around Halloween, then decorating things with it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. 

Surprisingly, it’s also a cursive font, but the unique thing about it is that it’s quite bolder than previous fonts. Readability is always important, which means October Twilight can be a great choice.

8. Lovely Sunday Font

Need more romantic and heart-shaped fonts?

Lovely Sunday is here to save you! Its letters are quite normal and simple, but the things that make it romantic are the hearts flying around the letters, which can make any design look lovely. 

Its borders are thick and look good enough to be the main attraction of wedding signs, which means that whenever you want, you can pick Lovely Sunday for your designs.

9. Sweet Couple

You and your partner are a sweet couple, so why not use the Sweet Couple font for your marriage? This font is exactly like Hello Honey, which means when used for design, there will be a cute little heart between words, which looks so beautiful. 

However, the difference between Hello Honey and Sweet Couple is that Sweet Couple is more clear and easy to read. If you think Hello Honey isn’t a good option, then you can go for this choice as it’s free as well!

10. Lissa Font

As the last typeface on this list, we are introducing you to Lissa Font, which is a sweet cursive typeface often used for feminine designs. It’s designed by NissaStudio, and is known for its stylish look! Its readability is good and it works perfectly for traditional weddings, which are some reasons you should use this font for your wedding signs.


Choosing fonts for a wedding isn’t an easy task, but tips like prioritizing readability and thinking about the wedding theme can help you a lot. Not to mention, the fonts listed above are also some great picks for any wedding decorations, so do not forget to try them out!


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