10 Cricut Phone Case Ideas (2023)

Phone cases are amazing; they keep your phone safe and protect it from getting damaged, but using the same old and simple phone case can be boring. Of course, in this modern world, you can easily pick a fun and vibrant-looking phone case that makes your phone look beautiful. Unfortunately, they can’t be completely customized, which can still leave a little bit of dissatisfaction, and if that’s the case, then you must check out our Vinyl phone case ideas listed in this article!

All of these ideas are easy to craft, so all you need to create them is your Cricut machine, some essential materials, and your creativity. From cat designs to beautiful text stickers, there’s just so much room for ideas that can be added to your phone cases. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the list of Cricut vinyl phone case ideas so that you can craft an amazing customized phone case!

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10 Cricut Phone Case Ideas & Projects 

Did you know phone cases are probably the easiest craft you can make with the Cricut? Even if you are a beginner, you will easily do it, so make sure you check out each phone case idea with Cricut.

Name Phone Cases

Via Etsy.com

Do you like your name? Do you love seeing it everywhere? If so, then this Name phone case idea is only for you! To create an adorable phone case, all you need to do is find an SVG file of your name, or if you are good at designing, maybe you can do it yourself. It doesn’t matter what method you pick; as long as you have an adorable design of your name, you will surely receive a great result!

Monogram Phone Case 

via thedairy.com

Maybe you are someone who prefers only the first letter of their name, and if that’s the case, then monogram phone cases would be a great choice for you. They are easier to craft than the entire name ones because here you have to worry about only one letter and you have lots of space for it. Put it wherever it looks the best to you, pick a decent letter SVG file for design, and craft the phone case of your dreams.

Leopard Print Phone Case 


Leopards are big cats, and the most attractive part about them is their prints. If you like them, let’s add them to your phone case! There are thousands of SVG files available on the internet about this topic, as they are pretty popular. Also, this project works best if your boring phone cover has a similar color as the leopard fur, as it will help the prints look realistic. Lastly, the best part about Leopard Print Phone Case is that no leopard gets harmed while crafting it!

Cat Phone Case 

via heyletsmakestuff.com

Big cats are cool, but let’s not forget the small ones, as we have the cat phone case too! It’s a simple and easy Vinyl phone case idea because it doesn’t require any complicated designs. This idea is perfect, especially for beginner crafters, as the work is minimal and can be done without any kind of hassle. However, if you think it’s too minimal, then feel free to try out your own designs and ideas.

Music Phone Cricut Cover 

Is music your life? If yes, then why not design your phone cover with music too? In this case, a music phone cover can give you a great idea. A song SVG of your favorite song is pretty easy to find, but if it’s not, then maybe you can design your own, as it’s not hard at all. Then just place it in the right place and let others know about your favorite song by just looking at your phone case.

Quote Phone Case 

via redbubble.com

How about a quote phone case instead of just a name? In case you aren’t a big fan of your name but have a favorite quote, you can easily craft a Quote phone case. For this Cricut vinyl phone case idea, you don’t even need to look for SVG files, as it’s just a quote and can be converted to an SVG in no time. So, grab your favorite quote, whether it’s about love, hate, or joy, and place it wherever it looks the best.

Coffee Phone Case 

Just like a real coffee, this Coffee phone case will also keep you active and awake with its dazzling look! This is a perfect phone case for people who love coffee and can’t start a day without it, and just like you, your phone will also need a coffee case to start its day. So, pick a tasty-looking coffee SVG file and add it to your phone cover. Who knows? It even helps coffee shop employees understand your choice too.

Couple Phone Case 

via etsy.com

Matching outfits, matching mugs, and matching hoodies, so why not share your phone case with your partner too? This amazing couple Vinyl phone case idea allows you to design an adorable phone case for you and your partner that can make your bond much stronger than before. Just like every other couple’s stuff, make sure each case has one part, and then you are ready to go!

Holographic Phone Case 

via laurascraftylife.com

If you have been here since the start, then this will probably be the most fun idea, as it’s a beautiful Holographic phone case! Yes, you heard that right now. With the help of Cricut, you can craft a holographic phone case. To start, all you need is holographic vinyl; the rest of the process is the same, so without wasting any time, order or grab your holographic vinyl with some adorable design to get an eye-catching phone case.

Cartoon Phone Case 

via annks.com

We know there are many cartoon and anime fans among us, so why not use this creativity to craft some cartoon phone cases like this Snoopy one? This one shouldn’t be difficult at all, since all you need to do is put your favorite cartoon or character with Cricut on your phone, and you’re done. It won’t take time and will create a satisfying craft, so get started now!


Phone case ideas with Cricut are hard to find, but since you have found this post, you don’t need to worry anymore. Try ideas like the couple, cat, and quote cases for some beautiful results. You will never regret trying out these Cricut vinyl phone case ideas!

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