10 Cricut Candy Jar Ideas & Designs

Empty candy jars can be annoying as they take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Cupboards, drawers, racks, and even the fridge can be cluttered with these jars, which can frustrate anyone and prevent them from working properly in the kitchen

Therefore, if you are tired of seeing them occupying your place every time they get empty, then it’s time to turn them into some fancy and cute decorations so that they can become even more useful than before!

You may not know, but a great thing about candy jars is that they make really beautiful DIY decorations. It doesn’t matter what size or shape they are; as long as you have a beautiful imagination, you can turn them into something everyone will love for sure! So what are you waiting for? Grab every single candy jar in your house and start designing something dazzling!

Wait, you don’t have any candy jar project ideas right now? No problem! We have already compiled a list of the 10 cutest Cricut candy jar ideas and projects since we previously considered that it might happen. 

So if you want to turn your old and boring candy jars into something creative, then make sure you read this article till the end and don’t miss out on anything important!

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Candy Jar Cricut Projects & Ideas

Your wait finally ends, since here’s the list of top Candy Jar Cricut Projects ideas! All of these ideas are just perfect and outstanding, so do not forget to try them on your jars and create some sweet crafts.

1. Halloween Candy Jars

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Halloween is probably the best occasion to use Cricut candy jars, since you will surely need something to store your treats, and that’s the reason we are introducing you to the Halloween Candy Jars.

This cute and spooky SVG design includes some scary faces that work perfectly for Halloween decorations. It doesn’t matter if you are giving or taking treats; as long as your jars are designed with this SVG, you can easily add an amazing Halloween vibe to your surroundings!

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2. The Sweetest Valentine’s Gift Jar with Cricut

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Valentine candy jars can be a great present for any couple, and if you aren’t sure what to gift your partner next Valentine, then why not try making a cute treat jar with the Sweetest Valentine SVG? It’s a really sweet SVG bundle file that contains three dazzling quotes about Valentine’s Day.

Paste those beautiful quotes on the jar, fill it with some candies, and you are good to go for a perfect Valentine’s Day date!

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3. Christmas Decoration Candy Jar

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Since we are talking about festivals, let’s not forget Christmas, which has given us the aesthetic Christmas Decoration Candy Jar design. Whether you celebrate Christmas alone or with your family, adding this cute and sweet design to any empty Cricut candy jar can make your winter holiday even more relaxing than ever!

Furthermore, this Christmas jar can be used in two creative ways: as a jar lamp or a candy lamp. Put a small light inside the jar and watch it glow with a cute design, or put some candies in it and enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

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4. Personalized Teacher Candy Jar

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Most teachers love candy, and if you want to appreciate their hard work with a cute little present, then Personalized Teacher Candy Jar is the way to go. It’s a really sweetly designed quote SVG that is specially made for teachers. If your teacher’s birthday or teacher’s day is coming up soon, then this tiny jar can come in handy and help you make your teacher happy.

Make sure to decorate it very well and fill it with lots of treats so that you make some good memories with your teacher and cherish them in the future.

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5. Candy Stache Vinyl Decals Glossy Stickers

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Are you looking for some cute ideas that can make your candy store stand out? If yes, then trying out these Candy Stache Vinyl Decals is a must. It’s a funny yet cute design that has the ability to attract people to your sweet store.

Just use it on some candy jars and leave it in your store; people will automatically get attracted since they won’t be able to resist its funny and retro designs.

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6. Life is Sweet, Take a Treat Free Cut File

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Sometimes it’s quite hard to focus on your work, and for such situations, the Life is Sweet Take A Treat Candy Jar can be great. It’s a carefree SVG file that will always remind you to relax while working so that you do not take stressed and give your best while working.

This jar is so perfect that you can give it to your friends, parents, and even siblings. They will surely love a beautiful gift from you, so make sure to try it out.

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7. Cute Candy Jar Easter Craft

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

If we are talking about candy jars, then how can we forget about Easter? It’s another cute festival where kids eat lots of treats and candy. That’s why, for such a sweet day, designing a Cricut candy jar is a must, and in this task, the Cute Candy Jar Easter Craft can help us.

It can be the perfect inspiration for any kind of Easter project, and if you purchase it, you will get an awesome Easter design that will be surely loved by every candy lover.

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8. Funny Candy Jar Cricut Craft

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Do you need a candy jar that makes you laugh whenever you are exhausted? Then here’s the Funny Candy Jar SVG, which has a really fun quote that will always make you smile no matter how tired you are.

It can be a good gift for office workers, since they keep working all day, sometimes even at night. This jar will remind you to take some small treats as well, so make one and gift it to someone who works really hard and often forgets to take small breaks.

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9. How Sweet It Is Glass Treat Jar

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Need some more ideas for Teacher’s Day gifts? If yes, then here’s the How Sweet It Is Glass Treat Jar, which contains a really cute quote that will melt any teacher’s heart. If you are running out of ideas for designing teacher’s day gifts, then pick this design and start creating a decent Candy Jar Cricut Project soon!

It’s beautiful, charming, and will be loved by your teacher for sure; just do not forget to add chocolates to make this gift even tastier.

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10. Candy Jar Valentine Cricut Craft Project

Cricut Candy Jar Ideas

Since the list has come to an end, let’s finish it with another Valentine’s Day Cricut Craft, which is often known as the “Best Valentine’s Cricut Craft Project.” It’s really similar to the previous one, but the difference between both is their designs and quotes.

Whether you are proposing to your Valentine or celebrating another year with your partner, this candy jar will surely help you enjoy the best memories of this special day, so make sure to try it out soon!

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How To Apply Vinyl To Candy Jar

Since most of the above ideas require a vinyl, it’s important to understand how to apply vinyl to a candy jar, as most people don’t know how.

If you’re facing issues while applying Vinyl, check out our post on How to fix vinyl not sticking to the glass

Especially for the newbies, that’s why here’s a small step-by-step guide on “How To Apply Vinyl To A Candy Jar:

Step 1: Upload your design in the Cricut space, and then cut it with the Cricut machine perfectly.

Step 2: Once you are done, weed all the access vinyl from the designs and attach your design to the transfer tape.

Step 3: Now, clean your candy jar thoroughly with alcohol and let it dry; make sure it’s not wet or vinyl won’t stick to it.

Step 4: Now it’s time to apply the design to the candy bar. Apply it and peel off the transfer tape, and you are done!


Candy jars are really charming and sweet, and that’s why creating some beautiful Cricut crafts with them is really easy. If you found some old jars in your house, then try out the ideas given above for some amazing candy jar Cricut projects.

All of them are perfect, and you will surely adore them. They can be really amazing gifts as well, so make sure you give them a try!

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