Cricut Blanket Ideas & Projects

In today’s modern world, it’s possible to create a variety of crafts with just a simple Cricut machine. Whether it’s a t-shirt, coffee mug, or even an earring, with just a little experience, you can easily craft these things at home. However, with so many choices available, sometimes it can be hard to decide what to craft next.

While things like greeting cards and wall art are enjoyable, you can’t have fun with them for long as they can be crafted extremely quickly. So in such a case, why not give Cricut blankets a try?

They are probably one of the most unpopular crafts that have gained some attention in the Cricut community recently. It’s guaranteed you’ve always wanted a DIY blanket that matches your preferences, so giving them a try is probably a worthwhile option! But since this inspiration came out of nowhere, you surely don’t have any ideas for DIY blankets, right?

If that’s the case, then you have landed on the right page, because today we are going to share some of the best Cricut blanket ideas with you! It doesn’t matter if you have already crafted some blankets or not; feel free to give these blanket ideas for Cricut a try!

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Tips and tricks: Cricut Blankets

Before we start our list of ideas, how about some tips and tricks to help you craft better? Here are some of the best tips for Cricut blanket ideas; make sure to follow them next time!

Choose The Right Material

Always select the right fabric for a Cricut blanket project, and also consider factors like softness and durability. Fabrics like fleece, flannel, or cotton blends work well with Cricut machines.

Plan Your Design

Take some time to finalize the design of your DIY blanket. Try to sketch it out to get a rough idea of how the final product will look. Also, do not think about the placement of your design on the blanket.

Use Heat-Resistant Materials

When working with Cricut machines, it’s important to use heat-resistant materials like heat-transfer vinyl or iron-on vinyl.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Cricut machines come with specific instructions for different materials and techniques. It’s crucial to follow these guidelines to achieve the best results. Pay attention to settings such as temperature, pressure, and blade depth. 

10 Blanket Cricut Projects & Ideas – SVG Cut Files

Finally, your wait ends here, as below we have listed the blanket ideas for the Cricut! Check out each idea and make sure to have fun with it.

1. Mountain SVG Blanket 

Are you a mountaineer who often visits famous mountains and climbs them? If so, then this Mountain blanket idea could be the perfect option for you! By crafting a mountain blanket for yourself, you will be able to experience the fun of climbing even when you are sleeping peacefully at home. So, make sure to give it a try, as there are tons of mountain blanket SVGs available on the internet!

2. Christmas Blanket 

The worst part about Christmas is that it comes only once a year. However, if you craft a Christmas blanket, then you can enjoy it every single morning and night! This can be an amazing idea, especially if you have kids, as they are the ones who patiently wait for Christmas the entire year. Therefore, take this blanket SVG and give it to them as a cozy gift.

3. Bluey Blanket 

Can we all agree that Bluey is the best show for kids? And if your kids enjoy it too, then it’s time to craft a Bluey Blanket for them! A great thing about this blanket is that it will motivate your kids to go to bed on time. Since no kid wants to miss a chance to feel cozy and warm in a blanket based on their favorite TV show!

4. Bed, I Love You Blanket 

Are you a bed lover? Do you spend most of your time in bed? If yes, then this Bed, I Love You SVG is made especially for you! You may not want to leave your bed at this moment, but if you want a DIY blanket to enjoy your nights even more, then make sure to try out this Cricut blanket idea soon! It’s a simple design, so you won’t even need to put too much effort into crafting it.

5. Snuggle Blanket 

Did you know winter is “snuggle weather”? Because it’s the only time of the year when you can use blankets and snuggle inside them as much as you want. If not, then consider trying out this Snuggle Weather blanket idea! It has an adorable-looking quote that will remind you to snuggle and cuddle every night, whenever you forget!

6. Winter Blankets 

Do you have multiple blankets to work on? If yes, then it’s time to take a look at this winter blanket SVG bundle! This blanket idea for Cricut provides you with more than one design, which will allow you to use a brand-new look for each blanket. If you want to enjoy this winter with your DIY blankets, then make sure to give it a try soon!

7. Couple Blanket 

Out of all people, couples enjoy winter the most because they can have many cute moments together in this season and make many memories. And for such couples, this “Steal my heart, not my blanket” SVG can be a perfect blanket design. It provides you with a cute quote that will keep your relationship strong, so what are you waiting for?

8. Snowflake Blanket

Snowflakes are one of the most beautiful things winter can show us, so let’s keep them forever with the snowflake blanket idea! This blanket idea for Cricut provides you with a small and simple design that is extremely easy to put on any kind of blanket. If you finish it too fast and feel like you haven’t crafted enough, then try to craft some snowflake pillows too.

9. Cuddle Blanket

Cuddling inside blankets is probably the best feeling ever, so why not put a cute “We Should Cuddle” SVG on your blanket? It’s a simple design with an adorable message that will remind you to cuddle with your partner as often as possible!

10. Nap Time Blanket 

Nap time is extremely important, and if you don’t want others to disturb you during it, then consider trying out this Nap time blanket idea! It will be impossible for anyone to disturb your sleep when they see you sleeping with a blanket that says such cute things. So make sure to try it out so that you can sleep peacefully.


Finding some good ideas for Cricut blankets can be a frustrating task, but do not worry, as we have mentioned the best blanket ideas for Cricut in this article. Make sure to follow tips and tricks like choosing the right material for successful projects. Also, do not forget to try your own ideas and have fun while crafting them.

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