Free Cursive Fonts For Cricut & Silhouette

From being an eye-catching display to shining out as texts, cursive fonts can be anything you want, thanks to their impressive versatility. And that’s why, these days, it’s uncommon to find commercials and logos without them. But the most surprising part is that even Cricut crafts aren’t safe from them! 

You did read that correctly; recently, many crafters have started using cursive fonts in their projects to add personal touches and attractive looks, which actually results in some promising craft works you would like to cherish forever!

Therefore, do you want to give these cursive typefaces a try too? If your answer is yes, then just stick to this article till the very end, because today I have bought some of the best cursive fonts for Cricut Design Space!

From their design to their readability, everything is just perfect about them and will help you craft projects better than your expectations! So, without wasting time, let’s get ready to dive into the exciting world of cursive fonts for the Cricut.

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10 Best Cricut Cursive Fonts (Free)

Here’s the list of best free cursive fonts for Cricut:

1. Great Vibes

As the first typeface, we have Great Vibes! a feminine cursive font that actually gives amazing vibes to anything designed with it. This font has amazing curves and is inspired by old, stylish writing, which looks extremely eye-catching and beautiful. The best thing about Great Vibes is that it can be used for both headlines and text, already making it excellent for all sorts of projects.

However, if it’s your first time using cursive fonts, then letters, invitations, or greeting cards can be some good crafting ideas with this font.

2. Alex Brush

Artistic touches fit Cricut crafts really well, and if you are a fan of them, then Alex Brush can help you create some charming designs instantly. Alex Brush by TypeSETit is a cursive brush font inspired by writing done with a thin brush, which looks really clean and aesthetic.

The Alex Brush can remind you of calligraphy designs too, which can make it a good choice for displaying crafts. Therefore, feel free to design some wall art, wooden signs, or t-shirts with Alex Brush. Lastly, if you are an artist, Alex Brush can help you with your commissions too!

3. Remachine Script

Love signatures? Then try Remachine Script, a cursive font inspired by cute signatures! While thinking about signatures, you may think they are not easily readable, so this font must not be readable enough as well, but surprisingly, Remachine is one of the most readable fonts available in this list because some signatures are its inspiration.

It can be used to design stylish and simple crafts, or you can even use this font for your signatures online. If you want to add your signature to the projects you are selling, then do not forget to pick Remachine Script.

4. Allura

This font is about cursive fonts in the Cricut design space, so it’s obvious we will see many gorgeous fonts like Allura! Allura is a feminine cursive font known for its charming beauty that can attract anyone to it. Allura is good enough to be used for display designs, headlines, as well as subtitles.

Therefore, crafting some shopping or tote bags will not be a bad idea. Its feminine style also allows you to use it for girly designs, so make sure to use it on your cute shirts, t-shirts, and kitty parties.

5. Millenia

Millenia is another signature cursive font to the list, inspired by readable and simple signatures! You can say it looks and feels a lot like Remachine Script because both fonts have similar styles. However, Millenia is way better at displaying and can be used for main texts in many different types of crafts.

Whether you are designing an invitation card, pillow covers, or etched glass crafts, you will end up with impressive results that will make you craft even more with this charming cursive typeface. Lastly, this font is also good for signatures; therefore, if you want to add your signatures, do not forget about Millenia.

6. Better Grade

Do you like the thin cursive writing used on old books? If yes, then Better Grade is something you will fall in love with. It’s an extremely beautiful cursive typeface that belongs to stylish crafts. Normally, it’s used for cosmetic and fashion brand logos because it’s quite attractive and perfectly suits their feminine personalities.

However, since we are talking about Cricut crafts here, it’s safe to say Better Grade would make some good name plates, kitchen organization boxes, and welcome mats. You can even use it for many boring things to make them look interesting and have fun.

7. Muthiara

Designed by Abo Daniel, Muthiara is a modern cursive font that comes with a unique style. It’s cursive yet bold and rounded, which is not common in script typefaces. Being bold gives Muthiara decent readability and makes it readable in any project where it is used.

It’s better to use Muthiara in crafts that require a good display of text; t-shirts or mugs are good examples. These crafts need good readability and stylish fonts to shine, and for them, there can be no better option than Muthiara!

8. Hello Valentica

Hello Valentica by Bangkit Tri Setiadi is a playful script font available on this list to help you create some sweet crafts. Its design is just so charming and can steal anyone’s attention with ease. Not to mention, Hello Valentica is a good choice for displaying too, so there’s almost no craft you cannot create with Hello Valentica.

Its amazing display styles keep it a good option for wall art, invitations, wedding cards, and even blankets as well.

9. Routtage

The list is full of stylish and modern cursive fonts, but not retro fonts. That’s why Routtage is here to remind you that vintage fonts can still make eye-pleasing craft projects. When you look at Routtage, it can remind you of signature and brush fonts, which give you multiple styles of typefaces in just one font.

If you are currently working on classical projects, then Routtage can be a good partner; it will be good even for those projects that need a retro touch.

10. Joseph Sophia

Joseph Sophia is the last but the most lovely font on this list. It’s also a cursive font, but what makes it special is its unique and charming look. It’s stylish as well and leaves a cute heart in between the words, which looks really heartwarming. 

Since this font is all about love, using it for Valentine’s Day gifts, wedding invitations, or any craft that requires a lovely font would be an amazing idea. So, get it right now and start designing some lovely gifts for your partner!


Cursive fonts can allow you to design any kind of crafting project, which is why we love them so much! And above I have mentioned every good cursive font you will ever need for your crafting project, so feel free to check them out and design some promising Cricut projects.

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