Free Stencil Fonts For Cricut & Silhouette

Cricut and Silhouette are both amazing cutting machines that don’t only help you create amazing crafts but come with some beautiful fonts too. However, the number of fonts these two crafting machines can provide is limited, which means you don’t have a lot of choices to work with. And that’s where the stencil fonts come in!

As the name suggests, stencil fonts are based on the stencils we have used since childhood to draw shapes or the stencils often used for cookies. And the reason we are talking about stencil fonts is that they have charming designs, bold shapes, and clean lines. All of these would look just perfect on any kind of Cricut craft, like home décor, wooden signs, or t-shirts. Not to mention, stencil fonts are gifted with appealing looks too, which allows them to stand out, so if you often sell your crafts, then consider giving them a try soon.

Fortunately, today we are going to focus on some of the best stencil fonts for the Cricut and Silhouette. Therefore, if you were looking for some of them or have recently gained interest in them, just make sure you stick with this article to the end!

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10 Best Stencil Cricut Fonts To Try Out! 

The best part about stencil fonts is that they come in all shapes and sizes, which means you get a variety of choices while using them. So, do not forget to try out all the fonts we have mentioned below, as they are completely free:

1. Ombudsman Alternate

Ombudsman Alternate by HENRIavecunK is a perfect example of a stencil font as it’s based on an alphabet stencil. We all have used such stencils in our childhood, so using this font can give you decent nostalgia, along with motivation to craft some Cricut projects. Ombudsman Alternate has a simple yet attractive design that can fit many projects and also makes it easy to read. So feel free to use it for crafting projects like customized water bottles, keychains, and phone cases.

2. Gunplay

Presenting Gunplay by Typodermic Fonts, which looks a lot like Ombudsman Alternate at first glance, but actually, that’s not the truth. Gunplay is bolder, sharper, and smoother, which gives it a unique identity! 

Also, this font is inspired by the posters of old movies, so if you want some vintage vibes, it’s time to use Gunplay. Additionally, Gunplay has a 3D version too, which gives it a special look and allows you to create even more iconic crafts. It’s good for coffee mugs, vinyl decals, or any craft that needs a classic touch.

3. Stencilia

Stencilia is a strong and impactful stencil font you would really like to use if you love designing t-shirts. It’s designed by Manfred Klein and is known for its amazing stencil looks, which allow it to stand out from the crowd. 

This bold and impactful style makes it a good choice for crafts that need to gather some attention. Sport team t-shirts, flags, or a craft store logo can be good uses of this amazing font. But that’s not all; it also has another style, known as Stencilia bold, which gives an amazingly bold and rounded effect to crafts.

4. Old School United Stencil

We just talked about a stencil font that can work well for sports crafts, but how about a font based on sports? Introducing Old School United Stencil by Frederic, a sport stencil font that was first designed only for sports designs

However, soon this font became a good option for stencil crafts too, so feel free to use it for both stencil and sports crafts because that’s what it’s made for. It will add a good old-school vibe to your crafts, as well as the italic ones too because it has an amazing italic version too!

5. Angkatan Bersenjata

Angkatan Bersenjata by Wep is truly a gorgeous font that can help you craft some of the most beautiful projects. From its design to its readability, everything about it is just perfect, which allows it to fit into every type of project. 

Tote bags, phone cases, and Christmas ornaments—there are a number of projects you can craft with this font, and it’s guaranteed that they will turn out amazing. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your crafting supplies and start now!

6. Marbella Army

We are really lacking vintage fonts on this list, so here’s Marbella Army! It’s designed by Woodcutter and is inspired by stamp designs of old times, which also had a stencil look, which is the reason we have added this font to the list. 

This font has an extremely charming design, making it a perfect choice for pet accessories, garden flags, and greeting cards. However, if you have more ideas, then feel free to try them out and craft something that reminds you of the good old days.

7. Wargate

Looking for a masculine font that allows you to create some outstanding crafts? If yes, then it’s time to use Wargate by the Arterfak Project. Its design gives off decent futuristic and modern vibes too, so if you are someone who loves crafting things based on modernity, then this font is probably for you. Wargate is a good pick for mugs, house number plates, and photo frames too, so consider using it as soon as possible.

8. Steiner

Liked Wargate? If yes, then it’s time to use Steiner by Pixel Sagas! Steiner is also a sharp and modern stencil font that is about to help you craft some modern Cricut projects. It’s actually inspired by fonts used in action games, so if your crafts are related to games or technology, then Steiner can be the best option for them. Also, let’s not forget the italic version of Steiner, which looks equally charming and can add a sharp look to your upcoming crafts.

9. USAAF Stencil

Simplicity is the key to success, so why not use a simple stencil Cricut font? Introducing USAAF stencil by TwoGuns, a really minimal stencil typeface that is very likely to remind you of old geometric stencils because of its letter design. 

Because this font has a really simple design, feel free to use it for any kind of craft you want, as it will surely fit everywhere. Still, if you are confused about what to use it for, tote bags or greeting cards can make good crafts for this typeface.

10. Stencil 1935

Let’s end this list with Stencil 1935 by CR decopochoirs, a retro-modern typeface that has an extremely stylish look that helps it stand out. This font may remind you of jewelry or fashion brands, so why not use it for beauty accessory crafts or some beautiful hats? Its vintage and modern design will help you become famous among people of all ages, which will make your crafts popular too, so do not forget to give it a try!


It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult; we all love stencils and their adorable designs, so let’s add them to our crafts with stencil fonts. Because in the above article, we have mentioned the best stencil fonts for the Cricut, from Stencilia, A Angkatan Bersenjata, and Wargate, each font is a perfect pick for your crafts, so do not miss this chance and try them out now!

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