Cricut Nursery Ideas & Projects (2023)

Creating a beautiful nursery can be an extremely fun task for soon-to-be parents. Because it’s the place where you will make most of your memories with your baby, and it’s also the place where they will spend most of their childhood, you need to make sure it’s perfect. However, since nursery stuff available over the internet can’t be customized, it’s hard to add a personal touch and create a customized nursery that is filled with only your and your family’s choices. This situation can be frustrating to anyone, as everyone wants to design their rooms according to their choices.

But do not worry anymore, since this is where Cricut machines come in! With their endless creative possibilities to create a variety of crafts, you can easily set up the nursery of your dreams! Whether you want to craft some adorable animal wall art or need some stickers displaying your baby’s name, you can craft almost everything with Cricut for a nursery room, so what are you waiting for? Stick with us till the end to find every creative idea that will be a part of your future nursery!

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10 Nursery Cricut Projects & Ideas

Looking for some decent crafts to design the Cricut nursery of your dreams? Wait no more, since here’s a list of some of the best Cricut nursery projects:

1. Nursery Name Sign

A name sign is one of the most adorable pieces of décor you can craft for a nursery. It’s not only cute, but it can also help your child learn, recognize, and spell their name even before they start going to school. And the best part about this type of craft is that it is extremely easy to make. Whether you are using vinyl, leather, or wood, a name crafted with love will surely increase your nursery décor room’s beauty by a lot!

2. Creative Wall Arts

No matter which room you choose to decorate, a beautiful piece of wall art can easily make it a hundred times more beautiful, so why not add one to your baby’s nursery? In this case, you should use some cute and adorable designs as your wall’s design because your kid will see these designs every single day. You can either pick cute animal pictures or some sweet quotes; just make sure you add something that can make your kid feel comfortable and happy!

3. Name Frame 

Name frames are really popular because of their beautiful looks and how well they can display someone’s name! So, if you think a name sign may not be a good idea, then why not try a name frame? Just like a name sign, they are extremely easy to make, and you can also use a variety of materials to craft them. You can even add additional details like cute pictures, drawings, and stickers in case adding only the name seems boring.

4. DIY Dream Catcher 

People believe dream catchers can keep you safe from nightmares, and while we don’t know if that’s true or not, dream catchers can still be good décor for your kid’s nursery! There are thousands of dreamcatcher SVGs available on the internet. You can use them for wall art or even create your own dream catchers with the Cricut, as they are extremely easy to craft. They will make your Cricut nursery more charming, and who knows? Maybe they will protect your kid from nightmares too!

5. Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles are one of the most essential toys for newborn kids, as they can attract their attention and help them stay active. But rather than buying one online, why not craft it at home? Surprisingly, to create it, all you need is its structure and some cute SVG designs. From planets, animals, birds, and fish, there are a variety of baby mobiles you can craft in just a short amount of time for your kid. So use your creativity and craft an adorable baby mobile that can keep your baby engaged whenever you are busy.

6. Baby Closet Dividers 

Baby closet dividers are important as they can help you keep your kid’s clothes away from others, but sadly, the closet dividers found in the market are quite simple and boring, so try to craft some at home! Since it’s possible to cut wood with a Cricut machine, you can easily craft dividers of the desired shapes and even place some adorable SVG files on them for a friendly and adorable look.

7. Name Sign Light

Did you know Cricut has become so advanced that you can even craft projects like lamps and lights with it? If you want to try it out, then start with a name sign light! They are one of the most adorable crafts you can create with Cricut, and the best part about them is that you can add designs and SVG of your choice to make them look even more attractive. This will surely be a fine addition to your Cricut nursery décor and will provide a good amount of brightness in the room at night.

8. Baby Blankets 

Of course, the blankets available on the internet are gorgeous, but using the blankets you made yourself for your baby is also a good option. It will allow you to gift your child something they will cherish even after they grow up, which can strengthen your bond. Also, there are hundreds of SVG files available, so pick the best ones and craft the warmest, softest, and cutest blanket for your child!

9. Mason Jar Lamp 

Do you have any empty Mason jars at home? If so, then maybe you can craft some of the brightest baby lamps with them! They are easy to craft, and Cricut users have been crafting them for years. All you need to craft them is an empty Mason jar, a bulb, and some cute SVG files. However, if you still don’t know how to make them, feel free to check out tutorials online.

10. Shadow Box 

Shadow boxes can easily increase any room’s beauty by a lot, so why not put one in your Cricut nursery room? But this time, craft something adorable since it’s for your baby! There are many great examples of decent shadow boxes for babies on the internet. You can use some charming designs for them and put in paper flowers to make them look even more special and cute.


There are a lot of ideas for some decent Cricut nursery projects, and we have listed the best ones above in this article. You can craft as many as you want since all of them have the potential to make your baby’s nursery more beautiful than ever. Lastly, try out your own Cricut nursery décor ideas too, and have fun with the process as well!

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