Free Pom Pom SVG Cut Files (2023)

One fact on which we can all agree is that pom-poms are extremely cute and adorable. When cheerleaders use them to cheer for their team, pom-poms easily grab everyone’s attention, which makes the sports matches even more entertaining. However, outside of sports matches, no one pays attention to pom-poms, and they remain ignored until they are not used again, which can make pom-pom fans really sad.

Therefore, if you love them so much and want them to shine out of sports matches, the best thing you can do to bring them attention is to use our free Pom Pom SVG files! Crafting with SVG files is a great way to promote something or make products about something you love, which is why you must try out all the free Pom Pom SVG files we have mentioned below in this article.

What’s more, you will enjoy crafting a lot too, because it’s a really fun task and whatever you craft will be useful too, which means working on pom-pom crafts will be a totally worthwhile idea! You can either start an online store for your pom-pom crafts or make some crafts at home to share with your friends and family. The choice is yours.

That’s why you should not hesitate; read this article till the end and get started on designing some cheery pom-pom SVG crafts that will get the crowd going!

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8 Pom Pom Cheer Free SVGs For Cheerful Crafts 

Whether you like pom poms or not, we all need their SVG files at some point, and fortunately, here we have listed some of the best pom SVG files available on the internet. Make sure to check out each, as all of them are free to use!

1. Pom SVG & PNG Free

The first cut file on the list is the Pom Pom SVG file, which is well-known for its sweet and cute design. It has white outlines and pink and black strands that look just amazing. The picture in this SVG is quite detailed, which means when you transfer the design to your crafts, you will receive some beautiful pom-pom arts that are hard to ignore.

The Pom Pom SVG is really versatile and works on many different types of crafting projects, like t-shirts, cheerleader shirts, Pom Pom stickers, and more. Therefore, if you appreciate its design, consider giving it a try very soon.


2. Pom Pom SVG

Up next, we have the Pom Pom SVG, a cut file that includes a small and wide Pom Pom design that can melt anyone’s heart. Unlike the previous SVG file, the design this time is quite distressed, which resembles tired cheerleaders after a long sporting day.

If you are a big fan of cheerleaders and pom poms and find yourself because of work, then this SVG should belong to you. You can design hoodies, hats, shirts, or even keychains to tell your friends you feel like a tired cheerleader.


3. Free Megaphone SVG

So far, our list had SVG files that included only poppy designs, which sounds really boring. That’s why here’s a Pom Pom SVG with a megaphone! 

Everyone knows how important megaphones are to a cheerleader; they help them reach their voice to the public, which supports the entire team even more. And that’s the reason this megaphone SVG is here; its design is quite interesting because it includes a megaphone in front of a pom-pom. 

When looking at it, people will easily understand that you are a hardcore Pom Pom fan, which will surely help Pom Poms get some attention.


4. Pom Poms Outline SVG

Do you want something simple instead of bright and stylish? If yes, then Pom Pom outline SVG is probably for you. Unlike every other SVG file in this list, this cut file has a minimal pom-pom design with just outlines and nothing else. making it an amazing pick for people who prefer simple designs or want to customize colors on their own.

Yes, you read that correctly; since this SVG is just an outline file, you are allowed to color it the way you want! Therefore, use your favorite colors and design some amazing pillow covers with pom-poms.


5. Pom Pom Megaphone SVG

It’s true we already had a megaphone pom pom SVG, but here’s another one because it has an extraordinary design that will surely impress you. Instead of only one pom-pom, this SVG provided you with two, which actually look really adorable.

What makes this SVG even more awesome is that you can add your own text to the megaphone, which solves the problem of adding texts externally to designs. You can add this design to a mug for your friend and put their name on it; they will happily thank you.


6. Free Pom Pom Mom

Many moms have done cheerleading in their college days. Sadly, they can’t do it anymore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy Pom Pom SVG designs. So, if you are a mom and you miss your cheerleading days, then this free Pom Pom Mom SVG is especially for you.

You can even use this SVG as a Mother’s Day gift for your mom if she loves pom poms, or you can just put crafts designed with the SVG on your online store to get some good sales.


7. Cheerleading SVG 

After many unique SVG designs, here’s one more common Pom Pom design that will help you enjoy crafting. Introducing the cheerleading SVG, which looks a lot like the first and second SVGs listed above. If you liked them, then you should try out this one.

Because this cheerleading SVG can serve as a good replacement for those two designs. Furthermore, this cheerleading cut file is perfect for blankets, wall art, and many other display designs.


8. Pom Pom Free SVG

Pom Pom Free SVG is one last cut file you need to check out before this list. Its design is quite bright and playful, which adds positive energy to crafts made with it. Although the artwork in the SVG is simple, it can still get a lot of attention if you are using it to display crafts like t-shirts, blankets, or wall art.

Although there are already many pom-pom designs in this list, you won’t regret trying this SVG at all because all of them are free to use and look just amazing. 



Pom Poms are really sweet, and if you don’t want the world to forget about them, then consider trying out all the beautiful Pom Pom SVG files mentioned above! Their designs are eye-pleasing and will make some promising crafts. The most amazing fact about them is that they are free to use, so get ready and start crafting now!

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