Best Teacher Fonts For Cricut & Silhouette (Free)

A teacher’s job isn’t easy; along with the documents and presentations, you have to deal with crafts to keep your class engaged. However, using the same fonts for every single craft isn’t a great idea at all, as it can make your crafts look repetitive, and even your students will get bored of them and might end up losing interest. which can make this job even more frustrating.

So, if you are stuck in such a situation, do not worry; in this article, we will share a list of the best school fonts for the Cricut with you! From handwritten to aesthetic, it doesn’t matter what kind of fonts you want for your crafts; we have made a list that contains the perfect fonts for your Cricut projects.

Not to mention, using these typefaces will help you easily create many beautiful crafts, and even your students will enjoy it, so make sure to keep reading till the end!

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Things to Consider When Choosing A Font for Cricut

When it comes to choosing some decent fonts for your Cricut projects, you can’t just choose a random typeface and design with it. Since not every font will look good enough with your Cricut project, keep these things in mind.

  1. Prioritize Readability 

You are creating crafts for your students, but if they can’t read what’s written on your projects, then they aren’t going to show any interest at all. So choose a font that is clear enough that even kids can read it with ease.

  1. Pick Fonts That Suit Your Project 

Kids always love simple, cute, and cartoonist design, you can’t use professional, sharp, or feminine fonts for their crafts. They won’t like crafts that do not contain anything cute, so whenever you pick fonts, make sure you prioritize a kid’s choice.

  1. Font Combinations Are A Way To Go! 

Just like colors, fonts also have combinations; there are many fonts that work well with each other. Such things are really loved by kids, so when you use combination fonts, they will surely show interest as it’s a really unique concept.

10 Cricut Fonts Every Teacher Should Use! 

The Internet has thousands of fonts a teacher can use, but not all of them are good for their Cricut projects, which is why below we have mentioned the best school fonts for Cricut ever!

1. Holidays Homework

First of all, here’s the holiday homework! a cute and charming display font by Imagex. This typeface has a really dazzling look, which can make texts look like they were written with crayons. Kids often use crayons for drawing or even for writing something, so observing crafts designed with this font can make them feel comfortable in class.

Therefore, using this typeface for a “First day of school” sign or a “Back to school” sign can be an amazing idea, and students will surely enjoy it.

2. Schoolbell

School bells are the best friend of kids since without them they won’t know when it’s time for lunch or when it’s time to go home. which is why the Schoolbell font can be a great addition to their crafts. It’s designed by Font Diner and has a really simple and childish style. It even looks like a little kid’s handwriting, which makes it a good option for their projects.

It’s a versatile font, so try experimenting with various things with it. School bells, tap lights, or pencil holders are some good crafts to use this font for.

3. Kindergarten

As its name suggests, this school font for Cricut especially belongs to the kindergarten. It’s designed by Geronimo Font Studios and looks a lot like Schoolbell. It also has a childish look that can remind you of a kid’s handwriting. And since it’s like their handwriting, they will surely feel happy when you use it for their craft projects.

You can design your bulletin board, tables, whiteboard, or anything that requires some text design on it. It has decent legibility too, so reading it even at small sizes won’t be a problem.

4. Mix Stitch

Most fonts are all about display or text, which can be boring sometimes. That’s why here’s a new concept: Mix Stitch! It’s designed by Mix Fonts and looks literally like real stitching. If you use this font somewhere, then you will be able to see a beautiful stitch design that will make some beautiful crafts with ease!

Maybe you want to give handkerchiefs to your students as farewell gifts. In such a case, Mix Stitch can come in handy and help you create amazing crafts.

5. Crayon Works

Want to add a crayon-like effect to your crafts? here’s Crayon Works, one of the cutest crayon fonts by Hanoded. Unlike other fonts, Crayon Works is a perfect choice for almost any kind of project because of its amazing style, so whether you create greeting cards with it or design some presentations, you are allowed to use it in any way you want.

6. Ubuntu Title

Ubuntu Title is one font with a really friendly look that can easily make any kid smile. It’s designed by Volvoguy and has smooth letters with circular ends that can make your designs look even more friendly and sweet. If your class has word walls, then designing some wall decor with this beautiful typeface can be an amazing idea.

Vibrant colors will also make your crafts look even better, so use some.

7. Primer Apples

Like Mix Stitch? Here’s another font just like that, known as Primer Apples! It looks a lot like Mix Stitch, but the only difference is that this is softer and smoother. It also works really well for fabric crafts and even paper ones, so make sure to create some fascinating projects with it.

If you didn’t like Mix Stitch, then Primer Apples can be a good option for you; it can even work as an alternative.

8. Schofield

Here comes another playful font known as Schofield; it’s designed by Kong Font and has one of the cutest styles as a typeface. It actually has two styles, the regular one and the outline one. Outline style adds a beautiful, bubbly look to the design, which surely adds a personal touch to your crafts.

Classroom storage organizers, word walls, and name tags are some crafts that can be done with Schofield.

9. Orange Slices

Kids do love orange slices, so their chances of loving the Orange Slices font is high as well! It’s a stylish typeface designed by Ghuroba Studio. Although it may not look like a Cricut for teachers, it still makes many beautiful crafts everyone will appreciate.

Orange Slices also has two different styles: regular and outline. The outline one has only outlines and is empty, making it a good choice for larger crafts.

10. Scholarly Ambition

As the last font of this list, we are introducing you to the Scholarly Ambition, which is yet another childish typeface! Its design is just super cute and lovely, and it easily appeals to kids. If your crafts lack cuteness or dazzling style, then it’s time for you to start using Scholarly Ambition.

It’s a super versatile font, so try it for word walls, name tags, class decorations, and everything that makes your students happy.

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As a teacher, finding some good Cricut fonts for your crafts can be a difficult task because of your busy schedule. But you don’t have to worry about this anymore at all. Since above we have mentioned the best teacher fonts for the Cricut you can find on the internet.

Schoolbell, Crayon Works, and Orange Slices are some good choices, so make sure to try them out.

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