How To Stick Vinyl To Glass (Fix Vinyl Not Sticking to Glass)

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Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials by Cricut crafters. Many Cricut users love using this material for their projects because of its versatility. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing stickers, a decal sign, or t-shirts; everything designed with these materials is guaranteed to become a masterpiece. Not to mention, vinyl sticks very well to many surfaces like wood, steel, and fabric with no problem.

However, it’s not the same with glasses. Glasses, mirrors, or wine glasses are often used for crafting because they make really beautiful projects, but unfortunately, for some reason, vinyl refuses to stick to glasses. It doesn’t happen every time you try to stick both, but it happens very often, which annoys many crafters.

If you are wondering what could be the solution to this problem, then I have some good news for you in this article I’m going to tell you how to get the vinyl to stick to glass. So make sure to read the article till the end and don’t miss out on anything important!

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What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a plastic film that is both water- and UV-proof and is often used for Cricut projects. It has an adhesive that helps it stick to other surfaces and objects during Cricut crafts. This adhesive can last for at least 3 years, and since vinyl is water-proof, even water can’t separate the vinyl from its surface, which is why people keep creating their crafts with it.

Vinyl is really flexible, and its ability to stick to various materials and surfaces makes it even more versatile, which is why you must try it soon!

How to Fix Vinyl Not Sticking to Glass

The only thing that can prevent vinyl from sticking to glasses is having oil available on their surfaces.

So to solve this problem, all you need to do is thoroughly clean your glass, and then you will be able to stick the vinyl on it without any problem

Actually, any kind of mirror, glass or wine glass can have a little amount of oil present on them, no matter where you buy them. It’s because the manufacturing process leaves dust and oily residue on products, which can make them oily and make it impossible for vinyl to stick to them. Or maybe the oil is present in the mirror because of your hands. 

Our bodies release oil in a really small proportion, so there is a chance that oil from your hands and fingers came in contact with the glass and made it oily, which is why you aren’t able to stick your vinyl designs on it.

1. Use Alcohol Or Acetone

This problem can be solved easily since all you need to do to fix it is clean your glass thoroughly. Make sure to use alcohol or acetone to clean your glass, since in such situations they will get rid of all the annoying oil with ease. 

Also, make sure your hands are clean while doing this. After you are done, try to stick vinyl to glass; it should work for sure.

2. Trying Cleaning With Water

If you don’t have alcohol or acetone for cleaning, then water can become a great substitute; it can clean your vinyl and make it shiny like before, which is enough for any vinyl. In this process, you can add soap too for a better clean, and after you are done, make sure to dry the glass well so that no water is left on it, or it may make it difficult for you to stick vinyl.

3. Leave The Transfer Tape On The Vinyl After Applying It To The Glass.

If vinyl isn’t sticking to the glass even after a perfect cleaning, then leave it on the glass with the transfer tape for a while. Sometimes material and surface need a little time to get along. Leave them alone for fifteen minutes and try to apply some pressure to the vinyl; it will surely stick to the glass and turn into a beautiful craft.

How Do You Prepare Glass For Vinyl?

As I explained before, the only thing that prevents a vinyl film from sticking to glass is excess oil.

If there is oil present on the glass, mirror, or any other slippery surface you are using, then there’s no chance your vinyl will stick, so make sure to clean it first. 

You can rub alcohol or acetone on your glass to clean it properly and get rid of excess oil. It works because both of these chemicals work as sanitizers, which is why they are great cleaners. Water can be a good replacement too, so if you don’t have alcohol, then give it a try and clean your glasses.

Note that your glasses may look clean, but they always have a layer of oil on them, and that’s why it’s important to clean them before you stick anything on them.

What’s The Best Vinyl For Glass?

vinyl for glass

No matter where you go if you are a Cricut user, people will only recommend Oracal 651 to you. Since it’s one of the best types of vinyl for crafting purposes available on the internet, its other names are Permanent Vinyl and Cricut Vinyl. 

This vinyl has an amazing grip, which helps you apply it to glass without any kind of problem. If you are tired of your regular vinyl, then make sure you switch to Oracal 651; it’s cheap, sticks everywhere, and will make your projects even more beautiful than before.


Excess oil or bad quality vinyl are some reasons that can make it hard for you to apply vinyl to glasses, which is why sticking vinyl to glass has become really difficult nowadays.

However, if you are stuck in such a situation, do not worry since I have listed all the solutions to this annoying problem above in the article. Just clean your glass and leave your vinyl on it. It will surely stick with ease soon, which will result in a really charming craft project!

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