Free Half Basketball SVG (Monogram)

Do you love basketball? It’s an enjoyable and fun game that keeps you active and healthy. You can play it every day for hours and still not get bored, because every time you play it, you get better, and that’s where this game starts becoming even more exciting. 

However, it’s hard to call yourself a true fan of basketball if you have never made anything for it. But don’t worry, sometimes we are too busy to craft about our hobbies. Fortunately, you still have a lot of time, and if you want to craft something memorable for basketball, then consider using our Basketball Monogram SVG Free!

It’s a cool basketball SVG that will provide you with a half-basketball design. The upper part of the ball is orange, while the lower part is black, and below that, you can see the text saying “basketball,” where you can add your own text and customize it the way you want. What makes this SVG unique is that its basketball doesn’t have outlines; instead, there are just empty lines, which makes it look more modern and attractive.

If you liked this SVG, then do not wait any longer; it’s free to use and can help you craft some amazing projects that will easily allow you to express your love for basketball. Just make sure to keep reading this post till the end so that you don’t miss anything important!

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Why Half Basketball?

Basketball Monogram SVG Free is an amazing cut file about basketball, and if you are wondering why you should use it, then it’s because this SVG is highly beneficial to people who live in the US. 

Basketball was invented in the United States, and even today, the game is popular and is played every day. And a surprising fact about Cricut machines is that they were also invented in the United States. This already tells you that most of the crafters who live in the US are huge fans of basketball.

If you are also a US citizen and want to tell others about your love for basketball, then the Basketball Monogram SVG Free can be an amazing cut file for your upcoming projects, so do not waste time and start crafting right away.

Half BasketballSVG Projects

Confused about what to design with the Basketball Monogram SVG Free? No worries, we have listed some of the best ideas to help you keep going and design some promising basketball crafts:

  • Basketball t-shirt
  • Basketball team posters
  • Wall arts
  • Stickers for your favorite basketball
  • Coffee mugs
  • Blankets
  • Keychains
  • Basketball-themed gift boxes
  • Customized basketball hoops

Half Basketball DIY Shirt: What Do You Need?

How to Download Half Basketball Monogram SVG?

You are just a few steps away from getting this SVG. However, if it’s your first time downloading such type of file then here’s a short guide:

Step 1: There’s a download link below, simply tap it, & the SVG file folder will be saved in your computer’s file manager automatically.

Step 2: The work hasn’t finished here since now it’s time to add this SVG to your Cricut machine, to do so, open your file manager and locate the downloaded file.

Step 3: It must be available in the zip format, if you have found it then unzip the file and open your Cricut software.

Step 4: Now, click “New project” in your Cricut software and then click “Upload”, after this, you will get an option to add the SVG to your project!


File Formats

If you are wondering what the format of all these files is, then acknowledge that all these files are in SVG and PNG format. Furthermore, all the files are compressed into a zip file as well, which decreases their size but keeps their authentic quality.

These formats are perfect for your creations since these free svgs are already transparent so that they can look unique and clean on every project!

License Details

After downloading this free SVG, you must keep one thing in your mind: all these files are for personal use only!

You can design as much as you want, but every project should be a personal design. Whether they are T-shirts, cups, greeting cards, wall art, or glasses for drinks, just make sure you don’t sell them.

Lastly, redistributing and sharing aren’t allowed either. If you want to share this SVG with your friends, then share the link to this page with them!


Basketball Monogram is simply an amazing SVG file for basketball lovers! There are a variety of crafting projects you can create with it. Have fun! Your friends and family will also love your creative designs, which will allow you to enjoy basketball even more, so get this cut file right now!

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