Best Sports Fonts For Cricut & Silhouette

Are you a huge fan of all sorts of sports? Do you want to express your love for sports to everyone? If yes, then we advise you to read this article till the end because today we are going to introduce you to the best sports fonts for Cricut and Silhouette! The internet may be vast, but unfortunately, it can’t provide you with high-quality sports fonts that can describe your love for sports well. But luckily, since we have already gathered the best sports fonts for your crafts, you don’t need to worry about this issue anymore.

Whether you want to design some sports jerseys for your team or create some sport-themed tumblers or coffee mugs, the athletic fonts on Cricut that we have mentioned below will help you take your creativity to another level and craft something everyone will surely love. Lastly, the best part about these fonts is that most of them are free, which means no need to worry about excessive purchases of fonts. So make sure you stick to the end and craft fabulous sports projects!

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How to Choose the Best Sports Font for Your Project?  

Not sure what makes a good sports font? No worries, here are some tips to help you choose the best sport font for Cricut:

Make Sure Your Font Is Readable

Stylish designs are cool, but it doesn’t matter how beautiful a font looks if it’s not legible enough. Your craft is more likely to get ignored, so make sure any sport font you pick has good readability.

The Font Must Be Sport-themed

One common mistake many people make while picking fonts for sports designs is that they don’t pick sports-themed fonts. Yes, you read that right. You need to make sure the theme of your project and font match each other, otherwise, the final result will turn into something unpleasant and no one is going to like it.

Pick Bold Fonts For Better Representation 

If you are crafting something related to sports, then it’s guaranteed that you will need a display font, and for such a work, bold fonts are the best. They have large letters, are attractive, and have amazing readability, which easily helps them stand out!

10 Varsity Font Cricut For Your Upcoming Crafts 

Finding the best Cricut font for jersey numbers isn’t an easy task nowadays, but fortunately, we have found the best one and listed them below, so continue reading!

1. Allstar

Miss the sports jersey your college team used to wear? If yes, then Allstar is the perfect font for you. It’s inspired by the classic sports jerseys from college football teams. Allstar is quite bold and has strong-looking letters, which gives it a good personality and makes it a perfect pick for crafts like jerseys. 

Maybe you need a font to design the t-shirts of your own team; in such a situation, Allstar is all you need to craft good-looking t-shirts. Allstar is a free font, so if you want it, you can get it right away.

2. Stacked Sports

Looking for some fonts with unique looks? Stacked Sports is the way to go! It has a stacked design, which is really unique and isn’t seen in the sports community often. So simply designing decent jerseys, posters, or hats with it can help you become popular and express your love for sports. 

Furthermore, do not worry about its readability; although it has a stacked design, this doesn’t stop this font from being readable, so purchase it soon and get ready to start crafting.

3. Atlanta College

Allstar is a perfect sport font to remind you of your college days, but what if we told you there’s another one? Atlanta College by Graphicsauceco is inspired by the same college sports t-shirts and is now ready to help you with your crafts. 

From jersey numbers to sports coffee mugs, Atlanta College will add a decently sporty vibe to your craft whenever you use it. It comes with multilingual, numerical, upper- and lower-case support, along with being free.

4. Jersey M54

We have too many options for Cricut fonts for jersey numbers, and that’s why we are introducing you to the Jersey M54. It’s designed by justme54s, and as its name suggests, it’s one of those fonts that will help you create the best sports jersey for your team. But if you want, you can use it for other projects like stickers and bags too; the choice is yours! Just don’t forget it’s also a free font, ready to use.

5. Varsity Font

Introducing Varsity, a great display font designed especially for your sport-related crafts. It’s insanely bold, and when it comes to readability, no other font can beat it, thanks to its cool designs and beautiful outlines. 

If you are one of those fonts that need Jersey number font for Cricut to stand out as much as possible, then Varsity is probably for you, because using it means you are guaranteed to get noticed no matter how tough the competition is.

6. Swingman

We have had enough fonts for sports like football, so let’s move on to games like baseball. Swingman is a display font designed by MightySHORT based on baseball, and the most interesting part about it is that it’s a cursive font, which makes it completely different from every other display font we have mentioned above. 

It also has a retro vibe as well; therefore, if you want to experience the fun of your college days again, then consider crafting something with Swingman soon!

7. Jersey Letters

Want to go back in time to when you were part of your sports team? Jersey Letters is here to help you out! It’s designed by Perry Mason, and just like Allstar, it’s based on the old college jersey everyone loves. Jersey lettering is a good choice for your team t-shirts, and even your football, if you want it to be personalized. But if you don’t have a team, then try designing some wooden signs or pillow covers.

8. Superstar M54

A Cricut font for jersey numbers always doesn’t need outlines to stand out and to prove this, Superstar M54 is here! It’s designed by justme54s and is well-known for adding a classical feel to anything designed with it. 

If you didn’t like any of the displaying fonts mentioned above, then this font can work amazingly well as an alternative, as it also has bold and attractive letters, which make it hard for the audience to ignore you. Feel free to design your team’s flag or T-shirt with it, and if you’re still not satisfied, craft some home projects too!

9. Varsity Team

We all miss our teams, and to cherish the best memories we made with them, Varsity Team can be an amazing font. It’s a bold, all-caps font based on sports designs used in schools and colleges. Whether you want to create a beautiful logo for your team or make an announcement about upcoming sports matches in your college, Varsity Team is a perfect pick for your crafts, so do not forget to purchase it soon.

10. Jackport College NCV

As the last sports font on this list, we would like to present Jackport College NCV by Fontry. At first glance, it may look like a normal bold font, but when you notice it has three different styles, you will realize why this font is here. 

Its first style is the regular one, the second is the Greek style, and the last one is without outlines, which gives you three different fonts at once. This specialty of Jackport is versatile and easy to use, so get it right now!


Athletic fonts on Cricut are extremely helpful when it comes to sport-related crafts like jerseys, stickers, team flags, and even personalized crafts. Above, we have mentioned the best Cricut font for jersey numbers and the best varsity font Cricut, along with some tips, so make sure to try them out. Lastly, don’t forget to experiment by combining your favorite fonts to find the perfect font for your sports projects!

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