Best Easter Fonts For Cricut

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From spring décor to t-shirts to egg hunts, there are so many crafting projects we need to work on during Easter. Most of these tasks are really fun and enjoyable, which is why many people don’t mind spending their entire day creating some adorable Cricut projects for Easter. Unfortunately, at one point even this fun task becomes a bit annoying, and it’s only because we can’t find some good Easter fonts for crafting projects.

Everyone knows how much typefaces matter in Cricut Easter projects. Whether you are designing an Easter greeting card or a wood sign, you will surely need some cute bunny fonts that suit the Easter vibe well. But not having enough fonts can ruin projects and make it harder for everyone to design their projects.

However, you don’t need to worry about this sort of issue anymore because the good news is that we have gathered some brand-new Cricut Easter fonts for you! If you want to use these fonts for your Easter crafts soon, then consider reading this article to the end.

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8 Cricut Easter Fonts For The Upcoming Spring! 

Here are some of the best Easter Cricut fonts that will help you design some promising Easter crafts! Make sure to check out each font, as some of them are free to use.

1. Easter Bunny

An Easter font without an adorable bunny design cannot be called an Easter font. Here is Easter Bunny, a sweet and cute display typeface designed by Creaditive Design, especially for Easter-related projects! Its unique design contains bunny ears that look really attractive and can make any display design look even more appealing.

which already means using the Easter Bunny in almost every Easter project won’t be a bad idea. As long as your text needs a good display font, the Easter Bunny is ready with its free license to help you out.

2. Funkie Bunny

Funkie Bunny is a fancy display typeface created by Figuree Studio. It’s full of the fun and joy of bunnies and will remind you of a cute rabbit with its large yet sweet letters. The best thing about Funkie Bunny is that it comes with some cool and lovely bunny illustrations that fit with this font really well.

Using this quirky combo for marketing, or gaining some more traffic to your Easter shop will be an amazing idea. Even home projects like Easter party decorations will look perfect, so make sure to not miss out on Funkie Bunny.

3. Egg Hunter

Are you planning an egg hunt event for your kids or friends? If yes, then the Egg Hunter font is going to be really useful to you. Egg Hunter is a beautiful and minimal Easter Cricut font with rounded letters that fit well in simple projects. If you want to avoid too-stylish typefaces for your Easter party and want to go for minimal decorations, then Egg Hunter has got your back.

This font’s cuteness easily indicates it belongs to invitation cards, labels, party décor, and wall signs. Not to mention, Egg Hunter is also a free font, and you are allowed to try it out right now.

4. Easter Bunny 

Surprisingly, we have another Easter Bunny on our list that looks and works completely different from the previous one. Easter Bunny is a bold and bubbly display typeface that can easily add a decent personal touch to your favorite Easter projects.

Just like the previous Easter Bunny font, this one also has rabbit ears on the top of its cute letters, which perfectly tells others that your projects are about Easter. The Easter Bunny is good for spring commissions, store signs, and advertising, but feel free to use it for any Easter design you want.

5. Easter Flower

Easter Flower is yet another peaceful and minimal Cricut Easter typeface added to the list that will easily steal everyone’s attention with its lovely looks. Need help with some greeting cards? Easter Flower is ready to design some cute-looking cards that will surely impress your guests. 

Not to mention, if you want, you can even use Easter Flower for your commissions; just make sure you don’t design too large projects with it, as it looks good only on small designs.

6. Hop Hop Bunny

Hop Hop Bunny is one Easter typeface you must have in your font library because of its cuteness, which no one can resist at all. Hop Hop Bunny is a sweet display font by Dmletter Studio, and the best thing about this font is that it’s a perfect choice for just about every single Easter project. 

From t-shirts to home décor to logos to commissions, you will find yourself designing various types of projects that are not possible with other typefaces. Its letter style and looks will help you gain so much attention in just a little time, so do not miss out.

7. Love Rabbit

We all love rabbits, and here’s one font that will help you express your love for them even more: Love Rabbit! Created by Sakha Design, Love Rabbit is also a display font with an extremely special letter design that cannot be seen in any other font, which makes your projects unique too if you use it for them! Create some Easter jars and t-shirts with Love Rabbit and tell everyone you are special.

8. Easter Font

Finally, we have the Easter font! Probably the most unique typeface available in this list because a special feature about this font is that every letter has a cute little illustration about Easter that makes it really appealing and eye-pleasing. 

Are you dealing with tons of Easter projects? If yes, then bring an Easter font into your use. Its uniqueness will keep all your designing fresh and special, which will help you finish your work faster and enjoy Easter to the fullest.


Cricut Easter fonts are adorable, and they always help us celebrate spring better than ever, which is why we love them so much! Did you like all the Easter fonts mentioned above? If so, then consider using them for your projects; they will surely help you create some remarkable crafts.

Furthermore, feel free to use different fonts and new combinations to design something even better than your expectations, and make sure to have fun crafting.

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