Best Manly Fonts For Cricut & Silhouette

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Be it branding, logo designing, or even Cricut crafting projects, manly fonts never fail to stand out! Their strong, masculine, and bold looks add impactful effects to designs that are hard to ignore. which is the reason many popular companies and businesses prefer masculine fonts over stylish typefaces. These manly fonts make every design look professional and reliable, which is something really important in business logos!

But that’s not today’s topic, because in this article we are going to explore some manly fonts for the Cricut and Silhouette! At first, using masculine fonts for Cricut projects may sound a bit weird, but surprisingly, these fonts are some of the best typefaces you can ever use for your crafts.

From gifts for your husband or boyfriend to personal crafts, they are a perfect fit for just about every type of craft, which is some reason you should give them at least one try! If you are ready, then get ready and keep reading this article till the end to learn more about these manly fonts for the Cricut.

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10 Masculine Fonts For Cricut & Silhouette

For this list, we have come up with the 10 strongest masculine fonts for the Cricut. Some of these typefaces are free to use, so make sure to check out each of them.

1. The Hustle

The Hustle by Flycatcher Design is like a real man’s hustle: bold, strong, and reliable. It’s a display font with really masculine looks and powerful letters that give it an amazing personality. 

If you want a confident font for your craft as the main text, then consider using The Hustle, because its manly looks will help you get everyone’s attention with ease! 

Whether you want to design a masculine apron for your dad or are looking forward to crafting a decent book cover for your favorite books, The Hustle isn’t going to disappoint you at all.

2. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue is a really popular font, and the best thing about it is that it’s also a manly font. Designed by Dharma Type, Bebas Neue is a bold display typeface used by millions of designers worldwide. 

Now it’s time for you to bring Bebas Neue to the crafting world with your Cricut projects. If you are ready, then start designing some t-shirts, greeting cards, or stickers with it right now, because it’s free to you!

3. Progress

Who doesn’t want to make progress? All of us work hard to improve ourselves, and for such people, Progress is the best font. Progress is designed by Billy Argel Fonts and is a distressed font, which means it has a grungy and dirty look, which fits masculine designs really well.

When used for projects, you will notice this font’s letters look like they are scratched, which adds more originality to crafting projects. Progress is a good choice for keychain and toolbox designs, not to mention it’s free as well. So consider designing some distressed and edgy projects with it.

4. Barlock

Introducing Barlock, a strong display font for those projects that want to become eye-catching and popular. It’s designed by Arterfak Project and has a decently masculine vibe that adds an impactful feel to its design. Barlock is an all-caps font, which means you will get only capital letters whenever you use it; it’s a great choice for displaying projects.

Normally it’s used for logos, but you can try to design some strong-looking crafts like wooden signs for your house. This font has great readability, so it will be easy for visitors to learn about your beautiful wooden sign.

5. Ranmor

Liked Barlock? If yes, then check out Ranmor; it’s really similar to the previous font in terms of looks and legibility. Both typefaces are masculine and add a good, strong vibe to the design. However, one main difference between them is that Ranmor is curvier while Barlock is more cubic.

These two fonts can be used as alternatives to each other because of their similar looks, which are even better if used in combination. Ranmor is a beautiful display typeface; try to design some home décor or mugs with it for more success.

6. Rexlia

Designed by Raymond Larabie, Rexlia is a thick retro typeface that has made it onto this list because it’s inspired by the military and their weapons, which are some very masculine things. If you are a fan of vintage or military designs, then Rexlia is probably going to become your best friend.

You can design some crafts that remind you of your past or create crafts and gift them to military veterans so that they feel appreciated. Rexlia is another free masculine font, so do not wait and get it now if you want to craft something impactful.

7. Varsity

Do you love the fonts used for baseball and football team t-shirts? If yes, then try Varsity! It’s a font inspired by the design used on sports team uniforms. Varsity gives a decently bold and masculine look to projects because of its confident style. 

Not to mention, this design looks highly eye-catching because it’s a well-known one and its large size makes it easily noticeable. If you design some t-shirts and uniforms for your own football team, then maybe you can become popular too, so make sure to give it a try.

8. Grind

Grind is a big, bold display typeface heavily inspired by strong, powerful machines. This font has cool, demolished, and dusty looks that can apply a confident vibe to your crafts, making them more attractive and eye-pleasing.

If you have a friend who spends most of their time in their workshop, then you should design a gift for them soon with Grind. Its look will greatly relate to their work, which will help them work even more happily.

9. Barbatrick

Barbatrick is a unique, speedy typeface inspired by sports teams! It’s designed by Typodermic and resembles fast winds. This font design has a really unique concept, which means if you design some crafts with it, they are more likely to get noticed.

Also, since sports team logos and sports stuff inspire it, why not design some sports-related crafts with it? It will definitely be a great idea; just bring out the sports fan inside you and craft some amazing projects.

10. Butler

Butlers never disappoint us; they are professional, bold, and strong, and that’s why here’s a font inspired by their work, which is also known as Butler! A great thing about this font is that it’s both beautiful and masculine at the same time, which makes it really versatile.

You can design almost any project with it because of its amazing design. Usually, people use it for logos in restaurants or businesses, but you can use it for many unique crafts like door signs or mugs.


Manly fonts are really amazing; they are not only strong but add a good, confident look to your projects as well. Above, we have mentioned the best manly fonts for Cricut; if you like them, then make sure to design some beautiful crafting projects so that you can add manly vibes to your life!

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