What Should I Use Instead of a Cricut Mat?

Cricut mats are one of the most helpful tools Cricut provides you with, as these plastic sheets hold your designs while they are in the right shape. You can use these vinyl Cricut mats multiple times and get every craft done perfectly because of how useful and versatile they are. But the sad thing about them is that they don’t last forever. No matter how many tricks you try, one day they are going to completely lose their stickiness, and you will have to buy new ones.

This is a big problem since buying vinyl Cricut mats again and again isn’t cost-effective and can make it difficult for you to manage your budget. Which makes many crafters wonder, What can I use instead of a Cricut mat?

If you are wondering the same question, then you are in luck because today we are going to discuss this topic! If you can’t afford Cricut mats and are looking for some good alternatives to them, then consider reading till the end. You will find answers and tips that can help you craft better and keep your Cricut machine safe!

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What is a Cricut Mat?

A Cricut mat is a flexible, reusable cutting mat made of plastic that can be used with your Cricut machine to cut projects. A Cricut mat for Vinyl has an adhesive area that holds your material when you are cutting it with the Cricut machine. Since Cricut mats are sticky, they easily hold your material and don’t allow it to move at all, which in turn helps you get the perfect cut!

There are four different types of Cricut mats, differentiated by colors: blue, green, purple, and pink. Each mat has a different level of grip, and each mat is used for different materials.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Cricut Mat?

Cardstock is probably the best alternative! However, it’s never recommended to use anything else instead of Cricut mats. While there are some good alternatives, like cardstock, available, they are not as good as Cricut mats as they may damage your blade and machine, which can lead to even more costly purchases! Cricut mats are made to work perfectly with the Cricut machine, which is why using them can never damage your blade, and mats also remain safe. 

However, if you are working on an important project that needs to be done as soon as possible but doesn’t have any mats available, you can take advantage of some alternatives. If you are wondering what those substitutes are, then keep reading!

Cricut Mat Alternatives

Fortunately, some materials, like cardstock, Wooden cutting boards, and plastic cutting boards, are some good alternatives if you don’t have a Cricut mat for vinyl; just make sure you use these materials as little as possible since they may damage your machine!

Not Using A Cricut Mat 

Before we look at some other options, just remember that using a Cricut mat isn’t necessary, especially if you are cutting vinyl and your design is large enough. To cut your vinyl perfectly without a Cricut mat, place it well in the machine, confirm your design, and set the cutting settings to “Vinyl”. All you have to do is make sure your vinyl is under the two gray rollers of the cutting area, then you will receive a perfect cut and you can continue completing your project!


Cardstock is probably the most popular and safest alternative to the Cricut mat, especially because it’s easily available at everyone’s house! It may not be as soft and flexible as a real Cricut mat for vinyl, but it’s still a great option if you just want to make a quick cut. Just remember to not use it again and again, because the hard surface of cardstock can decrease the blade’s sharpness and can even cause problems like jamming, which isn’t good for a Cricut machine at all.

Plastic cutting board

Plastic cutting boards aren’t limited only to cutting veggies; they are also good alternatives to vinyl Cricut mats! Just like cardstock, they aren’t soft and flexible; instead, they are thicker than cardstock, but as long as you use them only once, it’s fine. Using a plastic cutting board multiple times can damage your Cricut machine more than cardstock would, so be careful. Lastly, always remember to wash your plastic cutting board before you use it and tape your material since a plastic board can be slippery.

Wooden Cutting Boards

Last but not least, a wooden cutting board! It’s a little bit better than plastic boards, as wood can be soft, but it’s still wood. No matter what type, it’s not soft enough for a blade, which is why it must not be used repetitively as well. Also, if you are using a wooden cutting board, make sure it’s made of softwoods like Balsa, pine, or Bamboo.


Although there are some good alternatives to Cricut Mat for Vinyl, they are not reliable because they aren’t meant to be used with a cutting machine. This is the reason why it’s never recommended to use any type of alternative, but if you are in an emergency situation, then you can try a cardstock, wooden cutting board, or plastic cutting board; just remember to use them only once, otherwise, your machine can get damaged.

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