How To Store Cricut Mats (Storage Ideas)

Mats are really important to every single Cricut user. They help them create many beautiful projects by allowing them to cut materials with ease. However, when it comes to storing Cricut mats, many crafters fail and end up ruining their supplies. Although a single mat won’t last forever, if it is stored properly, you can use it for a very long period without any issues.

But if you don’t, then it will quickly lose its adhesiveness and you may not be able to find it when you need it. which can be really problematic for your upcoming projects. Therefore, if you are also a crafter who isn’t organized all the time but still wants to store your Cricut mats properly, then, luckily, you have landed on the right page, since in this post we are going to give you some of the best ideas to store your Cricut mats.

Storing a mat may seem like an easy task, but it isn’t. They should be available for every project, but if they aren’t, then you may spend hours trying to find them, which wastes a lot of time. That’s the reason you must make sure you read this article till the end and try out all the ideas given below so that your mats always remain safe and clean!

What is a Cricut Mat?

types of cricut mats

New to Cricut and wondering what’s a Cricut mat. No problem. Here’s everything you need to know about Cricut mats:

A Cricut mat is a sticky cutting mat that is used to cut projects from materials like wood, paper, and vinyl. It is reusable, flexible, and an important part of every Cricut project. If you want to use a Cricut mat, then you will first need to remove the plastic sheet, and then stick your material on the adhesive area.

Then you can start cutting the material with your cutting machine. 

After it’s done, you can separate the mat from the material with a spatula. Afterward, you can store the mat and use it again for the upcoming project. A Cricut mat provides a perfect cut for all your projects, so if you want to craft some good gifts, then make sure to use Cricut mats.

Furthermore, there are four different types of Cricut mats, each with unique colors, sizes, and uses. Deciding which one’s best for you can be hard, so to know more about them, keep reading:

  1. Blue Mat – Lightest Grip 

Blue might have the lightest grip of all mats. It’s specially designed for lightweight materials that may get torn easily. Use it for materials like paper, vinyl, sticker paper, light cardstock, and velum.

  1. Green Mat – Medium Grip 

Many people consider green mat as the best option for craft projects since it has standard adhesiveness and can be used for many projects. Try it with heavy cardstock, leather, stencil vinyl, and standard papers.

  1. Purple Mat – Strongest Grip 

Whenever you want to cut hard materials or the green mat doesn’t work, then leave this work to the purple mat. It has the strongest grip of all and is often used for materials that move a lot while cutting. It’s best to use this mat for heavy materials like wood, poster board, leather, and magnet sheets.

  1. Pink Mat – For Fabrics 

The pink mat is the latest one to join this list. It’s mainly used for all kinds of fabrics. It has a light grip just like the blue mat, but the difference here is that many kinds of fabric can be used on it. If you are a sewer, then get this mat as soon as possible.

Cricut Mat Storage Ideas

If you’re unsure how to store your Cricut mats and keep them in good condition, here are some of the best Cricut mat storage ideas:

1. Hang Mats On The Wall 

Everyone has lots of space on their walls, and this free space can be used to store your Cricut machine easily. For this idea, you will need command hooks, so make sure to buy them. Now place four command hooks on the wall and place your mats on them. 

Make sure all your mats are sorted by size and color. so that when you want to use them the next time, you don’t need to dig into their collection.

This way, they won’t fall all over your floor, won’t get lost in the toolbox, and will be available whenever you need them.

2. Cover Mats With A Clean Film Sheet After Use 

If you want to store your mats safely and want their adhesiveness to last, then cover them with a new film sheet after every use. By doing this, you will protect them from sticking to other objects, dirt, dust, hair, pieces of paper, and debris.

3. Always Clean Mats Before Storing Them 

It may not sound really important, but if you use a mat, you must clean it properly. After removing the materials, fabric and paper pieces may stick to them. If they are not removed right away, then they won’t go away in the future.

They will also make it hard for you to cut other objects, so always clean your mat with a spatula after every use.

4. Store Them In a Cupboard 

If you don’t have enough space on your walls or think it’s not a safe place for them, then consider buying a small cupboard for your mats. Make sure to sort them by size and color to access them easily.

5. Use the Proper Material For Each Mat

As mentioned before, each mat serves a different purpose. For example, you can’t use heavy materials like leather and wood on the blue mat. Using the wrong mat for the wrong materials can damage the mat and the project both. It may decrease the lifespan of your mat too, so make sure you use the right material for each mat.


Cricut mat storage is such a hassle, especially if you are a new Cricut user. It may be hard to use and store your mats at first. However, with all the Cricut mat storage ideas above, you can easily keep your mats safe and provide them with a longer lifespan!

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