Color Tolerance in Cricut (Explained)

Color Tolerance in Cricut Design Space is a popular advanced option that still remains untouched by many users because they don’t know how it works or doesn’t understand its use. If you are also one of those Cricut users, do not feel bad because you don’t need to know everything from the start. However, since you are here reading this article, it probably means you have finally made up your mind to learn about this mysterious option.

And if that’s the case, then make sure you read this article till the very end, because today in this article we are going to answer some common questions:

What is color tolerance in Cricut? How do I use it? and when to use it.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new crafter or a veteran; by the end of this article, all your concepts about color tolerance Cricut will be clear so that you can create some of the most beautiful crafts ever. That’s why you should consider sticking with us till the end!

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What is Color Tolerance in Cricut?

In Cricut, “color tolerance” is an advanced option that refers to the ability of software to accurately separate or detect different colors in an image or a design. In simple terms, the “color tolerance” option refers to how well software can tell different colors apart from things like pictures and SVG.

For example, if you have a picture of a flower with red petals and a green stem, then the software should be able to recognize that there are two different colors in this image and should be able to separate them so that the machine can cut them separately.

However, sometimes it’s not easy for the Cricut design space to differentiate between colors, which can make it difficult for you to cut many parts of a design. This is why there’s a color tolerance Cricut adjustment option that allows you to make adjustments depending on your choices. If you set these adjustment settings too low, it will be hard for your software to recognize the number of colors, and it will end up mixing multiple colors and creating a big mess. 

On the contrary, if you adjust the setting to extremely high, even similar colors will get separated, making it much more complex to work on. This is why it’s important to make sure you adjust color tolerance to medium; it should not be too low or too high either.

These adjustments depend on the images too; some may need a bit higher adjustment, while others may need a low adjustment. So always make sure you keep making adjustments to settings until you find the one that works best for you.

This way, you can easily remove many unneeded colors from an image or design and create some decent Cricut crafts!

When To Use Color Tolerance?

Sometimes Cricut design space can’t get rid of unnecessary colors from images and designs, and in such cases, color tolerance can do great work. For example, if you have a picture of your friend or a family member with lots of people in the background and you want to remove those people, then color tolerance can easily do this work for you! It’s a lot like a background remover, but here you get to choose which areas you actually want to remove and which ones you want to keep.

Furthermore, if you adjust color tolerance settings to extremely high, a lot of areas will be removed at once, but if your friend in the picture is wearing the same color clothes as the background, then color tolerance will remove that part of your friend too.

While on the low settings, you will get to remove a really small area, which can be time-consuming and may take lots of effort, so it’s better to keep adjusting it and find the setting where you can easily and perfectly remove the unneeded colors and areas.

Lastly, one important thing you need to remember is that color tolerance doesn’t completely remove colors, so outlines may still remain. But they aren’t a big problem, as with an eraser tool, you can remove them with ease. This won’t affect your main design either, which is why once you are done removing the background colors, use the eraser tool to get a much clearer output. 

Fix Color Tolerance in Cricut Not Working

Just like every other piece of software, Cricut Design Space keeps updating and may gain some bugs and glitches, which sometimes interfere with the color tolerance and make it unable to work. Whenever this issue happens, most of the time you can choose the colors you want to remove. It doesn’t matter how you adjust the settings; the entire design disappears in just one click, which can be frustrating and can stop you from crafting, so follow the steps listed below:

  1. Restart Cricut Design Space: Close the software, try restarting your computer, and then restart Cricut Design Space to see if the problem is still there. If possible, clear the cache from the software too; it might be the reason for this issue.
  1. Update Cricut design space: Maybe you are missing an update? Usually, Cricut will update automatically, but sometimes it may not so check it out, and if it’s not updated, then do it right away!
  1. Delete and Reinstall Cricut Design Space: If it’s still not working, then try to delete Cricut Design Space and re-download it. Make sure you download it from the official website, and once it’s downloaded, locate it in your file manager and install it.
  1. Contact Customer Care: Maybe this issue has appeared recently, so you should contact Cricut customer care. They may help you fix this bug or start working to fix it if it’s actually from their side.

Lastly, this bug usually appears in the iOS version of Cricut Design Space and is extremely rare in the Windows or Android versions. But still, if you deal with it, then updating Cricut Design Space, restarting the software, or contacting customer care can be great options so that you can continue using the color tolerance option!

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