10 Cricut Sweatshirt & Hoodies Ideas

Winter is here! which means cold winds and snowy weather are ready to freeze you to protect yourself from such problems, you will need to wear your hoodies and sweatshirts. They are cozy and fluffy, which is everything a sweatshirt should be, but there is one more thing that might make them even better than before: adorable Cricut designs!

It’s true, a design won’t make your hoodie warmer, but it will surely make it more attractive. Whenever you will go out wearing your customized hoodie, you will easily stand out among people. Some may praise you for your good taste in design, while some may appreciate your creative work. This can easily help you feel happy and make your daily life stress-free.

Wearing good clothes also keeps your mood happy, so why not try this idea out? In this article, we are going to share 10 Cricut hoodies and sweatshirt ideas so that you can design your favorite clothes into something much better! That’s why you should keep reading till the end and don’t miss anything important.

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10 Sweatshirts Cricut Projects & Ideas

There are many beautiful Cricut sweatshirt ideas available on the internet, and in this article, we have listed the best ones, so check them out thoroughly.

1. Stay Cozy SVG for Sweatshirts

Winter is all about staying cozy and relaxing, and that’s why here’s the Stay Cozy Cricut design! It’s a cute project idea that will keep reminding you to stay cozy and warm whenever you forget. A great thing about this Cricut hoodie idea is that it’s a great gift for those who tend to forget things easily. 

So if your grandmother has problems with memory, then gifting her this adorable sweatshirt can help her and keep her warm and cozy at the same time!

2. This Is My Too Cold To Function Sweatshirt 

Getting up in the winter for chores is annoying, and we need excuses to avoid them. In such a case, This Is My Too Cold To Function Sweatshirt can come in handy. The most hilarious thing about this idea is that you can just wear it and tell others you don’t want to do something without even saying it, which makes printing this design a totally worthless idea.

So get up and try it out, and show people you may be lazy but fancy as well. Just make sure to finish your chores later.

3. I Am A Disney Girl sweatshirt

Are you a huge fan of Disney? Do you watch all Disney shows during the winter, and do you often visit Disney Land during your winter vacation? If your answer is yes for every question, then you must try this I Am A Disney Girl Sweatshirt idea! This hoodie idea is especially for every girl obsessed with Disney, as it has a beautiful quote written on it that makes many references to popular Disney shows and movies.

So wear it and show people how much you love Disney so that they do it too.

4. Hakuna Matata Round Cricut Sweatshirt

Hakuna Matata! means no worries, and that’s why we are presenting you with the Hakuna Matata Round Sweatshirt. Whenever you feel down or worried, this funny and cute quote shirt idea can easily help you feel better with its world-famous quote. 

Just wear it and understand there’s nothing to worry about; everything will be fine, and you will surely feel better. Even others will understand that you are a positive person if you wear it in public.

5. Merry and Bright Sweatshirt

Here comes a bright and beautiful sweatshirt idea for Cricut, which is also known as the Merry and Bright Sweatshirt Idea! If you are having a Christmas party soon, then this hoodie idea can easily add a perfect happy feeling to your house. 

Just design many hoodies with this design and gift them to everyone attending your party, and then everyone will be ready to celebrate a really happy Christmas!

6. Grinch Cricut Sweatshirts

Grinch movies are one of the most watched films during the Christmas season, and that’s why we are introducing you to the Grinch Sweatshirt. With this adorable design hoodie, you can easily increase your excitement for the movie and make Christmas more enjoyable. If you want friends that love Grinch movies too, you can share them with them and have a lot of fun.

7. Weekend

Simple yet cozy and warm, the weekend sweatshirt is here to make your weekends way more comfortable than ever. Weekends are the days when we rest from work and enjoy our time by sleeping, eating, or engaging in our hobbies, and these things can become even more enjoyable when you wear the weekend sweatshirt while doing them. So, giving it a try wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Being a dog mom is so much fun; it’s the same as being a normal mom, but the only difference is you take care of a cute dog, and for such moms, the Dog Mom Cricut design is an amazing idea. 

You can wear this shirt and tell everyone how much you enjoy living with your dog and playing with it; your dog will feel happy as well!


Some days we are too lazy to do anything, and for such days, the Nope, Not Today sweatshirt is great! Because all you will do is say “nope, not today.” So just put this shirt on and tell others your current plan for the whole day; no one will even dare to disturb your lazy day. It can be a great design to reject some party invitations or anything you don’t like as well.

10. Literally Freezing

Let’s end this list with the Literally Freezing sweatshirt design! This is probably the most relatable hoodie ever, since during the winter season all of us are literally freezing because of the cold, so this sweatshirt will keep you warm, and cozy and will also express whatever you are feeling. 

Make sure to put it on during cold days, so that people understand you are freezing and share their coffee with you.

Tips For Creating Cricut Sweatshirt Projects

Check out these tips to create your own sweatshirt; people will surely fall in love with your projects and appreciate your work!

Best Materials For Sweatshirts

  • Vinyl
  • Iron-on vinyl

Best Vinyl Size For Sweatshirts 

  • 5×5 inches

Best Blade and Setting for Cutting

  • Best Blade — Cricut Joy Blade
  • Cutting Setting — Vinyl Material


DIY sweatshirts and hoodies are always amazing; you can design them whenever you want and wear them whenever you feel like it, which makes them a way better option than ready-made shirts. We have mentioned the best Cricut ideas for sweatshirts above; which one was your favorite?

If you liked these ideas, then make sure to try out new ones, and never forget to have fun while crafting!

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