Free Distressed Fonts For Cricut & Silhouette

The modern era is full of clean and smooth designs, and no matter where you go, you will get to see some professional and perfect-looking typefaces that are starting to look boring because they are a bit overused. which is one reason why recently distressed fonts are gaining popularity so quickly!

Distressed fonts are typefaces with a grungy, dirty, vintage, or worn-out look. Their designs are unique and were common in the past, but as technology developed, they became forgotten. Fortunately, they have come back to help you stand out from the crowd!

They were considered attractive and eye-catching because their designs were imperfect and faded, which is something we don’t get to see nowadays, making them really appealing to today’s audience. So have you thought about designing some Cricut projects with these fonts? If yes, then make sure to check out the list of free distressed fonts for Cricut that we have mentioned below!

You will surely find some typefaces that will help you create some memorable and dazzling Cricut crafts, so keep reading till the end.

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10 Distressed Fonts For Grunge Cricut Projects!

The Internet sure has many distressed fonts, but the problem with them is that they are not worn out enough, which makes them unattractive. But the fonts we have listed below are just perfect for Cricut.

1. Endless Summer

Start with Endless Summer, a cursive grunge font by Billy Argel Fonts that is inspired by the neon light logos of bars from earlier times. They looked really beautiful and were extremely eye-catching because of their bright colors and unique look, and that’s what this font does as well! 

If you want to get a blast from the past in your own Cricut crafts, then you should try out Endless Summer, since its design is just perfect for any display purpose. Endless summer is a great choice for any craft dedicated to the past, whether it’s a mug or just stickers. Even summer projects look aesthetic with them.

2. Undertown

Undertown has one more font designed by Billy Argel Fonts. Undertown is a display font with a worn-out and tired look and a grainy style, which makes it a really versatile font! From display to catching attention, this font can do just about everything, which makes it a perfect distressed typeface. 

Not to mention, the tired and grainy look it gives is just hard to ignore. If you sell your crafts, then design some retro and vintage projects with Undertown, you won’t regret it at all and will surely gain more customers soon.

3. Orbit

Introducing the Orbit, a font you should add to your collection if you love printed designs. Orbit gives off a decently printed design with a rugged look, which can make your designs look like the printed posters of the 1900s. It’s a great choice for country designs too because its retro style looks a lot like the logos of Wild West!

Furthermore, Orbit has good readability and looks, so try to use it as the main text in projects like t-shirts or home décor.

4. Sablon Up

Need a classical touch for your crafts? Try out Sablon Up, a minimal grunge typeface that works perfectly for simple and personal projects. Its design isn’t too attractive or too bad, which makes it a good choice for home decor, mugs, t-shirts, or even greeting cards. 

If you are bored and don’t know what to do, then play with Sablom Up and design some fun projects with it. You will get an amazing vintage look for your crafts, which will help you improve your work!

5. Disorder

For a distressed font, there can be no better name than “disorder.” It easily shows how much potential this font holds and how impactful it can make your crafts. Just like Orbit, Disorder is also a display printed font, with an edgy and rugged printing look that can turn any boring project into the center of attention.

Disorder is the perfect choice for those who often work on vintage or classical projects because of its retro looks. Try out crafting some necklaces or keychains with the disorder so that you can learn more about its magic.

6. Nexa Rust

Rusty and tired fonts are surely fun to use, which is why here’s Nexa Rust! Yet another distressed display font is ready to make your crafts shine. But that’s not all, since something that makes this font even more unique are its other styles. 

Yes, you read that right. Nexa Rust isn’t a single font; it’s a family of some rusty retro typefaces! All the fonts belonging to the Nexa Rust collection are unique and are often used for logos. But because we’re talking about Cricut crafts, it’s better to use them for door signs or wall art.

7. South Gardens

We have looked at multiple rugged fonts, so now let’s focus on an aesthetic but distressed font called South Gardens! It’s one of those typefaces that will instantly remind you of peaceful old villages where life is simple and evergreen. If you also want your designs to look tired yet calm, then it’s time for you to start using South Gardens!

Its looks are really feminine, so using it for girly crafts and projects can help you create some outstanding pieces of craft. A cookie tray, a holiday pillow, or some cute gloves for winter can be some good ideas you can create with South Gardens.

8. Edo

A list of distressed fonts cannot be completed with a tired brush font, which is the reason Edo has made it onto this list. Edo is a decent display font that completely copies a brush’s stroke. This style is really popular in both modern and retro designs, which makes Edo a versatile font for any type of project.

Edo’s readability is also amazing, so keep it as your main text in projects like customized hats, wooden art, or shadow boxes.

9. Baron Kuffner

Baron Kuffner is a tired and spooky typeface, making it a good choice for scary or Halloween projects. It also has a rugged printed look, which evokes some vintage vibes. If Halloween is coming soon, then it’s time to use Barom Kuffner, because that’s what it’s made for!

This typeface is good for displays because of its eye-catching and ghostly looks, so designing some Halloween door signs or t-shirts won’t be a bad idea.

10. Headliner No. 45

Headliner No. 45 by KC Fonts is obviously a headline or a title font; it’s inspired by the headlines of old newspapers, which means it can easily add a decent classical look to your crafts. 

Crafts that require a bold and strong font for their texts will greatly benefit from Headliner No. 45, so try to use it for big crafts like wall art, t-shirts, or mugs. As long as a craft is in need of large and strong texts, Headliner No. 45 can help you create flawless projects.

What are distressed fonts?

Fonts with tired, rugged, classic, or grungey looks or styles are known as distressed fonts. These fonts are the opposite of modern typefaces and look attractive despite being called “rugged.”

How can I use distressed fonts in my Cricut projects?

Distressed fonts are the center of attention, so try to use them as the main text of your t-shirts, wooden art, door signs, key chains, or any other Cricut projects.

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