Cricut Wine Bottle Ideas & Projects

What do you have after an all-night party? Obviously, empty wine bottles! Once a party ends, many people find out they have a bunch of empty wine bottles that are completely useless to them. So they decide to dump them in the trash. It may sound like a good idea since keeping them at home can take up a lot of space. But did you know there’s a better option than dumping them?

Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to spend hours dumping wine bottles anymore since upcycling is also a thing. With your Cricut machine and creative mind, there’s a lot you can do with these wine bottles. You can either use these bottles as decorations or create something useful with them; there are just so many things you can do with them.

But if you are still not sure what to make or have no ideas, then do not worry, since here we are presenting you with some decent Cricut wine bottle ideas and projects!

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10 Amazing Cricut Wine Bottle Projects

Designing some projects with wine bottles can be quite hard sometimes, especially if you are doing it for the first time. That’s why here are some great ideas for Cricut wine bottle projects.

1. Christmas Themed Wine Bottles

Christmas is the time you light up your house with beautiful decorations, and this task becomes even easier when you have Christmas-themed wine bottles. They are one of the best Cricut projects you can create with an empty wine bottle since to create them all you need are some small lights and cute Cricut designs.

You can choose designs of your choice and make these Christmas-themed wine bottles even more attractive with lights of various colors.

2. Upcycled Wine Bottle Snowman

Christmas decoration isn’t all about lights, as it includes some cute things like snowmen too, so why not make an upcycled wine bottle snowman? It’s one of the most simple and easy Cricut wine projects since you don’t even need to look for designs to create it. Just design a cute snowman on your wine, and you are ready to go.

However, if you aren’t good at drawing, you can use snowman stickers or SVGs for a better design.

3. Wine Bottle Gift Bags

After the Christmas party, you will surely need to give some gifts to your guests, right? And for such a task, Wine Bottle Gift Bags are a great choice! You can easily give gifts to anyone without worrying about expensive gift wraps or gift bags since to create them all you need are empty wine bottles.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s, or a birthday; whenever you want to give gifts, these bottle bags can come in handy!

4. Wine Bottle and Glasses Holder

When wine glasses aren’t in use, they can easily take up a lot of space, and it’s really hard to keep them safe since they can get damaged easily. That’s why here’s a simple project for a Wine Bottle and Glasses Holder. Need a wine glass holder? You don’t need to look for one on the Internet since you can make your own. really easy to make, has a beautiful design, and will last for a long time.

Creating it may take some time, but after you are done, it will help you enjoy your wine parties.

5. Rustic Wine Bottle

Wine bottles make one of the best light or lamp decorations, which is why there’s another lamp-like wine bottle craft called Rustic Wine Bottle

These types of cute wine lamps can make any situation really beautiful; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a candlelight dinner, a wedding, a party, or you are just spending some time alone. 

If you use these lights, then you will surely enjoy your time, which means designing them is something you must try out.

6. Wine Bottle Planters

Plants are really important; growing them at your home will not only provide you with fresh air, but you will also feel much happier. 

That’s why here’s a wine bottle planter idea for you! To create them, all you need to do is cut a bottle in half and decorate it with some beautiful Cricut designs for more attractiveness.

7. Quote Wine Bottle Cricut

Did you know quote wine bottles also make some of the most beautiful gifts? If not, then why not try them out? Here’s an amazing project idea: a quote wine bottle. You can apply any of your favorite quotes to a beautiful wine glass bottle, design it with beautiful accessories, and then you are done, and you will get a beautiful quote wine bottle as the result. They look really charming, so using them as presents will be a good idea.

8. Wine Bottle DIY Craft

On Thanksgiving Day, the whole family gathers at the dining table to spend time with each other, and for such a situation, this Turkey Wine Bottle Craft can be an amazing idea! 

It’s probably one of the easiest wine bottle crafts because of its simple and cute design. Furthermore, you can use paper, fabric, or anything else you like for the turkey’s tail, and then design a silly face to finish the project.

9. Lighted Snowflake Wine Bottle

Maybe wine bottle craft ideas fit best with the Christmas gifts, which is why here’s Lighted Snowflake Wine Bottle. When it comes to Christmas decorations, they can be considered one of the most beautiful décor because of their chill color and shooting designs. 

There are many beautiful snowflake SVG files available on the internet. Download them and apply them to your bottle, and they will light up with some cute little bulbs.

10. Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Wine bottle tiki torches are something that shouldn’t be forgotten when you are looking for wine bottle Cricut ideas. Since they have the power to make any party or gathering so enjoyable and lively, designing and putting them in your home as decoration can be a great idea. Lastly, you can use SVG designs to make them look even more attractive!


The best thing about wine bottles is that they can be a great choice for any kind of decoration. Whether you need a party decoration or a wedding one, using the above ideas for wine bottles can help you easily change the look of your gathering, making it even more enjoyable than before. So do not forget to try them out soon!

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