Cricut Canvas Ideas & Free SVG Cut Files

Did you know Cricut canvases are one of the best home décor items for your empty walls? No matter how boring a wall looks, if you put some decent-looking canvases on it, they will eventually start increasing the beauty of your house. which is the reason you should try out crafting some canvas for your walls soon! 

Many people use pictures, drawings, and other art for their canvases, but what makes them most dazzling are some meaningful quotes and cute designs.

Unfortunately, not everyone has some good quotes or design SVGs available on their Cricut or at home, and that’s okay! The good news is that today i am going to share some of the best Cricut Canvas ideas and SVG files with you that will help you make your house look more peaceful!

Below i have listed all the SVG files you will ever need to craft your own customized canvases, so make sure to try them out because their designs and quotes are just perfect for any kind of project. 

Lastly, the best thing about them is that all of these SVG is free to use, so feel free to start designing with them right away!

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Cricut Canvas Ideas

  • Abstract painting using different colors and shapes
  • Customized word art or quotes
  • Landscape painting of a place or a scenic view
  • Portrait painting of a person or pet
  • Still life painting of objects on a table or shelf
  • Pop art-inspired canvas with bright colors
  • Impressionist-style painting with visible brushstrokes
  • Mixed media canvas using paint, collage, and other materials
  • Monochromatic painting using shades of one color
  • Large-scale canvas for a statement piece in a room.

8 Free SVG Files For Canvas

Finally, here are the 8 canvas SVG files you were looking for. Their designs are so perfect that you will never need to look for SVG files again, so let’s get started!

1. Mandala Sloth, Mandala Butterfly

As the first SVG of this list, we have the Mandala Sloth and Butterfly SVG, which displays these animals drawn in the mandala art style, which truly looks charming. Additionally, there’s a mandala toucan too, which completes this SVG pack. 

If you are a big fan of animals or love putting their designs in your home, then this SVG file is probably for you. as it doesn’t only display your hobbies but adds a peaceful design to your house as well. So try it soon and surprise your family with these gorgeous designs.

2. Stay Humble, Hustle Hard Free SVG

cricut canvas svg free

Here comes the Stay Humble, Hustle Hard SVG, which means “Stay true to yourself and work hard.” If you are a workaholic who loves working a lot as well as being loyal to your work, then it’s time you use this quote SVG. 

It will easily define your lifestyle, which will help others understand you even more. Lastly, its design is something no one can ignore; it has bold and strong fonts too, which easily suit a hardworking person like you!

3. Motivational Quotes SVG Files

Sometimes picking SVG files one by one becomes too time-consuming; that’s why i thought it would be better to add a big bundle of motivational SVGs to the list. Introducing the Motivational Quotes SVG Bundle, a pack of SVG files that contains 13 beautiful quote designs for your customized canvas.

This pack is made especially for those who want to get multiple designs at once; if you are one of those people, then your wish comes true, so make sure to try out all the SVG files inside this pack!

4. Dare To Be Different

Are you one of those people who doesn’t want to follow others and wants to do what they think is right? If yes, then “Dare to be Different” SVG is the perfect choice for you! This quote means “not caring about being different and doing whatever you want.” 

This quote often applies to teenagers who are just starting their lives and want to tell people that they don’t mind being different from others. If you also think the same, then get this SVG and craft a canvas with it to put on your wall!

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5. Stay Positive No Matter Watt Free SVG

Want some cute and positive quotes for your boring walls? Then grab this Stay Positive, No Matter Watt SVG! This quote means “Stay happy no matter what happens.” 

Its quote is quite inspiring and has a charming design that will surely make you happy no matter how your mood is. You can always look at this design on your wall—it doesn’t matter whether you are sad or tired—and get ready for upcoming challenges with a smile.

6. Even More Motivational Free SVG Files

I heard you loved the SVG bundle mentioned above; that’s why here’s another pack of some more motivational SVG files. The best thing about this bundle is that it has 20 different SVG quotes, which is a lot more when compared to the previous pack. 

It’s guaranteed that you will love all the Cricut canvas ideas available inside the pack because they have just the perfect design. If you didn’t like the previous bundle, then consider trying out this one, but if you like both, then feel free to try out both at once, as it will only bring you benefits!

7. Radiate Positivity Free SVG

Radiate Positivity means spreading positivity by helping others, being nice to them, and making them feel comfortable with you, and that’s all this SVG does. When used for vinyl Cricut canvas ideas for your walls, this design will automatically radiate positivity to you, and then you need to radiate this positivity to others so that they can be happy as well.

People really love positive attitudes, which means just putting up a canvas designed with this SVG will help you become a better person among your loved ones with ease!

8. To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow Free SVG

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow,” is a popular quote that means “everything we do today will surely turn out to be something meaningful in the future.” This SVG is highly motivational because of its touching quote. 

Those who believe in the future or are waiting for a better tomorrow while believing in their hard work should surely check this SVG out. because it will help you stay motivated no matter how challenging life is.


Cricut Canvas Ideas don’t only change the appearance of empty walls; they make our lives beautiful with their meaningful quotes and designs too. That’s the reason you should try out every SVG file listed above, as it’s just perfect for your crafting projects! From bundles to single SVG, i have mentioned everything you need, so start crafting right now!

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